Monday 20 April 2020

Albion Awakening Book

John Fitzgerald and I have compiled a book from our posts on the Albion Awakening blog and Bruce Charlton has written an introduction for it.

The paperback version can be found here.

for the UK market 

and here for the American market.

Kindle versions are here

and here

The back cover blurb read as follows:

"Now that Britain has left the EU it's a good time to ask ourselves where we should be going from here. Albion Awakening is the fruit of several years’ speculation on the spiritual future of the British Isles. It includes articles on the history, mythology and current state of the country together with fictional meditations and suggestions of a new path we could take that would bring us closer to our destined goal. 

The book can be regarded as a ‘crash course’ in those people and events that make Albion - the phenomena that raise mere Britain to the mythic significance of Albion. It is intended to encourage all lovers of Albion in sustaining and growing the reality of our national myth. 

Albion still sleeps but the potential is there for awakening, even in our troubled times, if enough people can throw off their spiritual sloth and rediscover the light that shines deep in the heart of the country."

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Sunday 7 April 2019

Albion Awakening going dormant

William Wildblood and I have decided that the time has come to let this blog lie dormant, until such time as we detect some sign of our nation of Albion indeed awakening. In the meantime, we will continue to work for the awakening of individuals. 

Saturday 6 April 2019


Unless you are what the modern world would now call an extremist, you are an accomplice of this world with its programme of spiritual evil. Either actively so, meaning you are fully on board with the programme, or passively, and you just go along with it or don't regard it as something that one should stand against. This is how things have become.

No one wants to be thought an extremist unless they are driven by pride. It implies a mental imbalance and the predisposition to hate, and we must be careful that we do not, in reaction to the insanities of today's world, fall into real extremism as defined by those characteristics. That we do not just oppose false ideologies but hate the people who maintain and support them. This is the great temptation to sin for those who would uphold and fight for truth. It's the trap the devil lays for them, or us, as I should say. On the other hand, if we are forced into a perceived extremism that is only because of the extremist nature of modernity. For in reality, it is the modern world that is extreme in its rejection of God and spiritual truth. When the spirit of the times has turned to extremism, those who hold the centre ground, which is to say, the point of reason and balance, are perceived as extreme.

I have used the words 'spiritual evil'. To describe today's world in those terms is clearly the act of a madman - by the criteria of what is perceived as good now. But what other words can you use about a culture that not only denies its Maker and its purpose, as human souls, but also itself in that its acts will lead to its own destruction? How else can you represent a world in which the creature usurps the prerogatives of the Creator, and pursues fulfilment in the material world with no thought for the soul or spirit? Evil is the denial of God, either his reality or his true nature. It is the exaltation of the temporal self at the expense of the divine. This is precisely what our world does now.

I must repeat my warning, though. Great evil can push those who oppose it into evil themselves. I know this because I can sense it in myself. When truth is trampled on and rejected and one must fight to preserve it, there is a tendency to hate the enemy and that hatred will, of course, corrupt the heart. The devil is quite happy for us to oppose his works if we succumb to this tendency in so doing. It's a win-win situation for him. This is why Jesus told us to love our enemies. Principally, it's for our own benefit.

Jesus also said, "Blessed are you when men hate you and say all manner of evil against you for my name's sake". He was speaking in general terms but I believe he was also pointing towards our own time. Soon, if it hasn't already happened, those who maintain the reality of Christ, and not some watered-down, secularised version of it, will be regarded as extremists and thought criminals. It is important not to react to this with anger or pride but also not to waver in any way. You may well find that you cannot even explain yourself properly because you will be required to do so in the language of your opponents and in terms of false metaphysical assumptions. In that case the best thing to do is simply to affirm the truth and not be drawn into argument. Arguing for truth is reducing it to the level of opinion. 

Extremism merely means taking a strong position against the conventions of the day, and if they are rotten that it just what any sane person should do. Jesus was an extremist. He even died because of that. But he died forgiving his enemies and if ever we find ourselves facing opprobrium because of our stance against the lies of the world we must remember his example. The world can't hurt us. We can only hurt ourselves if we react in the wrong way to the world.

Thursday 28 March 2019

March 29th

My new book Remember the Creator is published today (April 1st in America). The subject of the book is summed up in the title. This is the most important thing for modern day humanity; to remember God. But on its own, it is not enough. For what sort of God are we remembering and how are we remembering him? It is a cliché to say that God invented Man in his own image and ever since Man has been returning the compliment, but such is the case. Look at modern religion of practically any type you care to mention. People pray to God, they talk of God but I venture to suggest that the God they address is often one of their own imagining, conjured up from the limited resources of their own minds and a projection of their own thoughts and desires. 

Of course, none of us really knows God. As the absolute and eternal, he is beyond us all. But there really is a difference between those who intuit something of his reality because they have begun to open themselves up to what is beyond themselves, the truth of the transcendent, and those who may believe in something but do so from within the context of their own minds. It's like an enclosed circle and one in which there is a little break or opening so that the light outside begins to seep in. We in the West can see the mental conception of God quite clearly in Islam but it appears just as much in many contemporary Christian churches where God has been reduced to something like the head of a social services bureau, a non-judgemental figure preoccupied with egalitarianism and universal friendliness rather than the Maker of Heaven and Earth who hates sin but whose love touches like a blazing fire that burns without hurt. Make sure that the God you remember is the fullest expression you can conceive of Goodness, Beauty and Truth, and try to understand him in spiritual not worldly terms. Accept no lesser substitutes.

This is also the day that the UK was supposed to have left the European Union and regained its economic and political independence, turning back towards its true mission in the world. For, cutting through all the obfuscation and waffle, that is what this is all actually about. However, the bullying potentates of the EU and the craven incompetents of the British Government have put an at least temporary stop to that. Not to mention the behind the scenes manipulations of civil servants and bureaucrats whose arrogance is only matched by their complacency. 

Hard words, I know, and I'm not saying these are all bad people. Doubtless many mean well according to their conception of things. But they see everything in terms of this world (even the religious among them - apparently most of the clergy and all the bishops in the Church of England want Britain to remain in the EU), and they have no spiritual insight or vision, substituting for that a belief in progress on the worldly level. One must hope that their actions will make an increasing number of people realise how completely untrustworthy the political class and technocratic elites are. May they consequently turn to deeper ways of engaging with the problems of life. As the outer world descends further into illusion, remembering the Creator becomes more vital by the day.

Saturday 23 March 2019

It's Time to Build Your Ark

You've probably heard this before. These are the end times when humanity has turned so far away from God, and actually perceives the source of goodness and truth as, if not evil, then a product of ignorance, that judgement of some sort cannot be far away. The situation gets worse almost by the week. The hatred of those who set the agenda in politics and culture for spiritual truth is ever more apparent. The inversion of values as the transcendent is denied proceeds apace with fewer people able to perceive what is happening and more getting on board with the lie as is hard not to do since it is everywhere, in all things. And as people allow themselves to believe this lie their minds are poisoned and their hearts corrupted. The fact that this was foretold does not make it less of a tragedy. We may know, because we have been told, that good will eventually triumph but it's sometimes hard living in the middle of this time of spiritual darkness to hold on to that, though hold on we must. For those who have not abandoned God, it really is time to build an ark.

But what form can this ark take? Bear in mind that its chief purpose is of spiritual protection not physical safety as before. Therefore it has to be a mental ark this time, an ark of consciousness, you might say. It has to be constructed of faith and understanding which are the only things that can provide a bulwark against the oppression that is the modern orthodoxy of secular humanism based on materialistic atheism.

At the end of an age the world slides into chaos. The work of the age is to build up order out of chaos but when that order has reached its apogee (in the context of the intrinsic quality of the age) then there is nothing left but to run down and disintegrate back into chaos. That is what is now happening. Spiritual order is crumbling and chaos reasserting itself.

But there is a difference between the chaos at the beginning of an age and that at the end. At the beginning, chaos is unformed potential, akin to primal matter or the state of the world before it is touched by the Word. It is fruitful, capable of being organised. But at the end it has become sterile, its creative potential exhausted and its capacity to manifest and hold form of a higher nature so weakened that any attempt to impose this comes to naught. This is why nothing true or real 'sticks' now. The world has solidified around us so much that mass consciousness cannot respond to higher, spiritual states of being. It cannot hear the Word from above and so must react to lower voices but the structures these build are false and insubstantial and do not last for long. But then when they fail they are replaced by others just as unreal. 

However this only applies to mass consciousness. We all have the image of God within us, stamped on our heart, and individuals can always step away from the spirit of the times and respond to that divine image. But to do this, you have to be true to the reality of what is inside yourself and not be led astray by the noise of the world which will certainly drown out the inner voice unless you learn to step aside from the world and love the real Good.

In the coming years our hearts will be tested and the choices will be clearly defined but, at the same time, the right choice will not be easy precisely because it will be made difficult. You will have to make a positive effort and go against the flow, against the wisdom of the world and its best and brightest to make that right choice. However that does mean it will be real. Your choice will be yours, coming from within yourself, based on your own intuitive response to spiritual truth.  As time passes now lines will be drawn and there will be no room for the agnostic. As Christ said, "He who is not with me is against me." This might seem unreasonable but what is meant is that the heart must incline itself to the spirit of truth in a positive way and if it doesn't do that completely then it hasn't done it at all.

When you have made your choice, you must build your ark. An ark of faith and devotion to truth that will carry you through the downpour of worldly lies and deceit until that deluge stops and the spiritual sun arises once more which it will do. Until it does, though, make sure your ark is watertight.

Saturday 16 March 2019

Brexit and Religion

Apparently the farce or tragedy (take your pick) that is Brexit has seen a great increase in sales of self-help books. Is this to people so shaken by the event that they require psychological assistance? Or is it to those who think the future will be disastrous and they need to prepare themselves as best they can? Either way, what a pity that people turn to such feeble nostrums for sustenance rather than to the genuine medicine of real religion.

But then where can the ordinary person find real religion now? If you have been brought up with no particular spiritual education, and therefore have a very poor and biased idea of what religion is, you may reject it without serious investigation. Alternatively, those who are exposed to what passes for Christianity today will not find much to inspire them there if they are searching for something that really speaks to the imagination and the soul. For modern Christianity is often little more than secular humanism dressed up in religious clothing. Its supernatural element, without which it is meaningless, has been reduced as much as it possibly can be without being jettisoned altogether. Partly this is because Christianity has not responded well to the changes in consciousness that have come about over the last few hundred years as humanity begins to awaken intellectually and become more individual (as was meant to happen albeit not in the way it has happened), but partly it is because of the generally low quality of Christian leaders who for the most part, certain honourable exceptions excluded, have lacked any real vision.

Why do most of the intelligentsia wish this country to remain in the EU? Is it because they are believers in the ideology that unity is always good and separatism always bad? Consequently, they see those who wish to separate from a body that seeks to unite as ignorant and selfish. You may think I am reducing something complicated to a simple basic idea but this is more or less how things are. Intellectuals tend to think in terms of abstractions rather than concrete realities and this means they may reject ties of blood and earth which is why they can be perceived as disliking their own country and culture, even to the extent of trying to undermine them. They are, or want to be, men and women of the world which is regarded as being far more sophisticated than those simpletons attached to their native soil. But they are victims of the leftist dogma that humanity is one and the more united it is, the better it is. I call this a dogma because although it may sound very worthy, it is only half the story since ideas of unity should never be used as an excuse to deny or diminish individuality. We may be all one in God in a higher sense but God created us as individuals and it is as individuals that we realise our destiny. You are not required to sink your individuality into a group identity but to enrich the group with your individuality. This is why a Europe of strong individual nation states is a better thing than one in which these nation states have reduced autonomy. Anyone who knows the history and underlying ambition of the EU knows that it has always been determined to follow the latter course, the one that leads to ever closer union with its component parts increasingly weakened and power concentrated more and more in the centre.

The spiritual fact of the sanctity of the individual is the reason that those who have a deeper understanding of what religion actually means are in favour of Britain leaving the EU.  A superficial religious understanding, such as most of our church leaders seem to possess, will think that love your neighbour means there is no difference between you and your neighbour. But then he wouldn't be a neighbour, would he? He would be you. The truth is we need love and we need wisdom, and we need both together to make sure we actually do have real love and real wisdom and not simply an emotional or intellectual copy of them. For love and wisdom are spiritual qualities but human beings who lack these qualities as spiritual things interpret them on the lower level of feelings and thought and as a result they misconceive them. What they call love is not love but a reflection of it in their emotional nature or even something they just have as an idea or ideal. But if they don't truly feel it as living spiritual reality then they don't know it.

Most people who want Britain to leave the EU are not religious but they have natural instincts which the intelligentsia, including many of those considering themselves to be the spiritual intelligentsia, have lost. They do not have minds clouded by ideology, always the weakness of those who have intellect but lack intuition. But religion is actually all about intuition. You might even say that the development of intuition is the primary religious task. Intuition tells us that the EU is a corrupt body that ultimately seeks its own good not the good of the countries that comprise it. For that reason not only should Great Britain leave it but so should every other member state.

If you are one of those people who have turned to a self-help book in this time of crisis let me point out that self-help can only address the earthly human being not the soul. Indeed, it often strengthens the earthly human being against the soul by focusing attention on it so that it becomes even more the centre of consciousness than it already is. Forget self-help, however it is packaged, and seek the transcendent truth in God.

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Understanding the remarkable events of Brexit

In the midst of the phony, long-planned, 'last-minute' crisis of Brexit; it is easy to forget what an astonishing thing it has been.

The whole essence of the referendum to leave the European Union was that the British people wanted to leave, but Parliament (all parties) wanted to Remain - and that is exactly why a referendum was needed.

If Parliament had wanted to Leave, there would have been no referendum and no need for one. If matters had been left to the members Parliament, then we would never have tried to leave the EU; and only because there was a supposedly-binding referendum in favour did Brexit ever get off the ground.

But how did it ever get off the ground? Although everyone who is remotely honest and informed knows that the British people want to leave the EU and have wanted to leave the EU for more than two decades - Britain remained because the ruling class (Parliament and the leaders of the major social institutions) wanted to Remain.

How, then, did we get so close to leaving; when essentially everybody with power wants to Remain? This is truly remarkable! It ought to have been impossible!

In the first place, why was the referendum result allowed to be Brexit - given the massive level of voting fraud (mostly via the postal vote system)? Perhaps the real level of Leave was simply too great for the fake votes and false counts to overcome? Perhaps this hidden but massive Leave vote is why the Establishment are so scared; too scared to go against Brexit?

In the second place why was the official referendum result not ignored - in the way that previous referenda have often been ignored? Prime Minister Cameron broke his promise to commence the leave process immediately, but instead it was delayed by nine months - But why was the promise not broken altogether? Somehow, there seems to have been a powerful sense that this one could not be ignored.    

One would have supposed that if the British and European elites had worked-together to prepare a fake Brexit package, then that is what would have happened. For the UK really to leave the EU, with 'no deal' - as appears to be scheduled for March 29th - should have been impossible. It should - from the Establishment perspective - never even have been on the table.

It is the failure to reach a Fake 'deal' with the EU that is so remarkable. Surely it was in all the elites interest that it should happen. And yet it has not...

My belief is that there are unseen, spiritual forces at work - I can't explain it in any other plausible way. My belief is that the spirit of the British people is at work, and it has its eye on the events in Parliament - and there is an immensely powerful sense of fear among the Establishment about what would happen if Brexit does not happen, if they actually blocked it. This fear must apparently be even greater than their fear of a successful Brexit...

I don't think anybody knows - no human being, at any rate - what is coming; or what would happen if Brexit is, in fact, intercepted and delayed or prevented on March 29th.

Nobody knows what will follow if the UK does succeed in getting the real break from the EU that the mass of its people so very much want. If 'we' succeed in achieving such an astonishing thing, what will happen next?

Whatever happens, or does not happen, March 29th 2019 seems to be the Beginning of something, not the end.

What that something will be - well, we will need to wait to find-out. But find-out we certainly shall. Nothing is more sure.