Monday 3 October 2016

Christmas is coming...

An insightful correspondent writes:

I see that you have lately been writing concerning religious and spiritual matters, especially to do with the transcendental nature of the British Isles, and particularly of England... To this, I have very little to add except the very obvious:

Christmas is coming.

If there is still any remnant or understanding of Transcendental Christian Good in the hearts of the English, look for it in their faces and deeds at Christmas.

If there is any Magic left in England, it is strongest and nearest the surface at Christmas.

This is still true in spite of the Modern Cacophony that ever tries to drown it out. So obvious 'even' a child could spot it.

If spiritual revival is indeed coming, my guess would be that it will fall at Christmas; the religious festival to throw out the Dark.

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Nathaniel said...

That is a nice reminder! Christmas always does seem more "magical" and certainly seems to have the most practices, traditions, behavior and decorations that don't really make sense from a purely materialistic rationalism view point. I think J.K. Rowling got this right in that though the "magical world" was so different in many ways from ours, the Christmas Holiday celebrations were almost identical.