Friday 3 August 2018

England (specifically) and Albion

Recent posts have argued that 'Albion' ought to include Scotland and Ireland (albeit - being different nations - in different ways); and there have also been comment discussions about the 'diaspora' of Anglophere nations such as Canada, USA, New Zealand, and Australia - but the other side needs to be considered. Which is England specifically.

This blog began (from my perspective) when the Brexit vote suggested (approximately) that a large, probably 2:1 majority of native English people are very dissatisfied with 'the way things were going', and looked for some kind of restoration of English autonomy as a step in the right direction.

So what about England? England is essentially a product of the Anglo Saxons; first conceptualised as an explicit ideal by the Northumbrian the Venerable Bede (672-735) and emerging through the next couple of centuries to arrive under the first English king AEthelstan, initially of Mercia (894-939). This kingdom was constantly under threat from the Danes, and then was taken-over and parasitised and pillaged (permanently) by the Normans - so politically England was short-lived, and has almost always been an ideal and aspiration, rather than a reality.

For example, by the time that England was a world power, it had become submerged in Britain, the UK, and the British Empire. The fact that England and these larger looser groupings are/ were often used synonymously, demonstrated the problem of England as a long-term colonised nation - ruled (since 1066) by a overseas-looking, culturally-hostile internationalist upper class. 

Indeed, the spiritual England has always been a kind of 'underground' thing. So our current situation is nothing new. Even the inarticulate aspect of real England is quite normal - although its near-absence of explicit and self-conscious articulation is brought into sharper relief by the overwhelming pervasiveness of modern mass media and bureaucratic communications.

So, at most, the Brexit vote was an ephemeral and imprecise material indication of a solid and enduring spiritual reality; an encouragement but not a basis for the future. What the future ought-to-be is becoming more clearly visible, not least because it can be defined against the mainstream perspective being ever-more-aggressively imposed by the large majority of spiritually-alien, anti-English, rulers.

What happens politically is much less important than what is going-on spiritually in the hearts of the English. Having said that - there are currently no grounds for optimism; since the hearts of the English seem empty, and turned away from God.

Hence the English have become almost the opposite of what they were even 60 years ago -indeed,  almost the only thing that can be said in our favour is that we are not yet quite as bad as their rulers would like us to be. So that the rulers still need to do a great deal of lying, concealing, covering-up, distracting... showing that they still fear the remnant of real English - no matter how small and apparently insignificant they may superficially seem to be.

From this we ought to take encouragement! We should not expect much in the way of help or encouragement; so we should train ourselves to do without it.

The idea of England as Albion is very strong - and unusually wholesome, so much so that it seems clear to me that it must have had divine assistance from very early on; which implies that there is a divine destiny; which implies we have work to do! 


SJE said...

there have also been comment discussions about the 'diaspora' of Anglophere nations such as Canada, USA, New Zealand, and Australia

Well, I may tell you, in case it somehow isn't clear, that speaking as a Canadian, I don't *want* Canada to be considered "Albion"! Part of the British family and inheritance, yes (and that's another discussion), but over here we have our own distinct "spirits of nature"; the veil gets pierced in a different "way" here; and I certainly regard a visit to your blessed island as a very special and spiritually-refreshing, unique thing.

Anonymous said...

Readers of this blog might scoff, but I am going to quote the last paragraph of a Dennis Wheatley novel, "Strange Conflict", because its true.

'It seemed that the Duke guessed their thoughts, for he spoke again. "As long as Britain stands the Powers of Darkness cannot prevail. On Earth the Anglo-Saxon race is the last Guardian of the Light, and I have an unshakeable conviction that, come what may, our island will prove the Bulwark of the World."'

Not PC, but I don't care about that.

John Fitzgerald said...

I'd never scoff at a quote like that! It's wonderful, and if more people in England saw themselves that way then we'd have the awakening this blog hopes to help bring about.

William Wildblood said...

I don't scoff either. I really think there might be something in that which is why the powers of darkness have attacked so relentlessly. It might even be the esoteric reason behind Brexit which we are constantly told makes no sense from an economic perspective.