Thursday 6 September 2018

The futility of specific reform of specific social institutions when a society is self-destroying

At my Notions blog today, I discuss the personal roots that have led to the Albion Awakening idea; which has been the repeated failure I experienced (over a span of some 25 'activist' years) to do anything-at-all constructive about the decline and corruption of all professions and organisations with which I have been associated.

Of course this does Not mean that we should give-up on resistance and willingly go along with evil; but it does mean accepting that our resistance will be a personal decision and act - and not a part of some social trend or movement.

It does Not mean we should cease to strive for Good - but it does mean that we should not put-off such striving until after we have persuaded a critical mass of other people to join-with-us.

It does Not mean we should leave all associations and groups (such as churches); but it does mean that we cannot rely on any group to lead us in the direction of Good - we must lead our-selves... or it will not happen.

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