Wednesday 14 November 2018

Nothing says 'Christmas' like Elton John!...

For many decades it was Sir Jimmy Savile who was the media's symbolic Christmas pop star; visiting children in hospital - apparently, this year the 'iconic' John Lewis TV advertisement will be a hagiographical fiction focused on the exemplary (?) life and personality of Sir Elton John.

No suprise at all. In the US, the Establishment have tried to relativise and abolish Christmas by forbidding use of the name and symbols; but in the UK we are more sophisticated and advanced - we still use the term and symbolism in public, but choose the path of subversion and inversion - to associate Christmas with symbolically unsavoury and anti-Christian media figures.

This is A Good Thing, however, because (for those with eyes to see) it clarifies what the mass media is doing, what it is all about... If we take our Christmas from the media, from the powers-that-be - then we will get (and deserve) corruption and inversion.

Here, now; whatever we take passively from an external source is likely to be corrupt and intentionally corrupt-ing; to be and to want Good we are forced-back upon our own resources, our own discernment, our own free choices...

Which, given this world we inhabit, is exactly as it should be.

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William Wildblood said...

Thank goodness! I thought your title was serious for a moment!