Friday 28 September 2018

The Good People of Albion

I know plenty of these GP of Albion - I know their strengths... but I am also acutely aware of their weakness. I will try to explain why they are so weak.

In a nutshell it is because they are only unconsciously good.

They are not Good for any positive, explicit reason of which they are aware.  Their goodness is merely an inarticulate gut-feeling of what is proper, decent, common-sensical...

The mass and pervasiveness of insane and evil propaganda to which these Good People are subjected from officialdom, the mass media, social media and in their workplaces strikes them as wrong - but they cannot say, in contrast, what would be right.

They know what they don't want to do; but have no plan of what they ought.

TGPoA live by materialist assumptions that reject all that is divine or even spiritual. Consequently, the they lack core, spiritual strength; they lack courage - they do not have a 'cause'.

They live, at a conscious level, wholly inside The System. So they can easily be persuaded that some bad thing, which they know at gut-level to be bad, is inevitable - that 'resistance is futile'.

They passively drag-their-heels, privately grumble... but there is zero active, purposive push-back from the Good People of Albion; because there is, for them, nowhere to push from... nowhere that lies outside The System.

(...Because, the only real thing that lies outside The System is the divine; which the GPoA deny - by assumption.) 

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Wade said...

Good post. Makes a lot of sense. Much the same can be said about us here in the USA. However, I don't think we are quite as bad off (yet) as Albion in this regard.