Wednesday 13 March 2019

Understanding the remarkable events of Brexit

In the midst of the phony, long-planned, 'last-minute' crisis of Brexit; it is easy to forget what an astonishing thing it has been.

The whole essence of the referendum to leave the European Union was that the British people wanted to leave, but Parliament (all parties) wanted to Remain - and that is exactly why a referendum was needed.

If Parliament had wanted to Leave, there would have been no referendum and no need for one. If matters had been left to the members Parliament, then we would never have tried to leave the EU; and only because there was a supposedly-binding referendum in favour did Brexit ever get off the ground.

But how did it ever get off the ground? Although everyone who is remotely honest and informed knows that the British people want to leave the EU and have wanted to leave the EU for more than two decades - Britain remained because the ruling class (Parliament and the leaders of the major social institutions) wanted to Remain.

How, then, did we get so close to leaving; when essentially everybody with power wants to Remain? This is truly remarkable! It ought to have been impossible!

In the first place, why was the referendum result allowed to be Brexit - given the massive level of voting fraud (mostly via the postal vote system)? Perhaps the real level of Leave was simply too great for the fake votes and false counts to overcome? Perhaps this hidden but massive Leave vote is why the Establishment are so scared; too scared to go against Brexit?

In the second place why was the official referendum result not ignored - in the way that previous referenda have often been ignored? Prime Minister Cameron broke his promise to commence the leave process immediately, but instead it was delayed by nine months - But why was the promise not broken altogether? Somehow, there seems to have been a powerful sense that this one could not be ignored.    

One would have supposed that if the British and European elites had worked-together to prepare a fake Brexit package, then that is what would have happened. For the UK really to leave the EU, with 'no deal' - as appears to be scheduled for March 29th - should have been impossible. It should - from the Establishment perspective - never even have been on the table.

It is the failure to reach a Fake 'deal' with the EU that is so remarkable. Surely it was in all the elites interest that it should happen. And yet it has not...

My belief is that there are unseen, spiritual forces at work - I can't explain it in any other plausible way. My belief is that the spirit of the British people is at work, and it has its eye on the events in Parliament - and there is an immensely powerful sense of fear among the Establishment about what would happen if Brexit does not happen, if they actually blocked it. This fear must apparently be even greater than their fear of a successful Brexit...

I don't think anybody knows - no human being, at any rate - what is coming; or what would happen if Brexit is, in fact, intercepted and delayed or prevented on March 29th.

Nobody knows what will follow if the UK does succeed in getting the real break from the EU that the mass of its people so very much want. If 'we' succeed in achieving such an astonishing thing, what will happen next?

Whatever happens, or does not happen, March 29th 2019 seems to be the Beginning of something, not the end.

What that something will be - well, we will need to wait to find-out. But find-out we certainly shall. Nothing is more sure.


Seijio Arakawa said...

An Internet search for 'spiritual meaning of Brexit' (in retrospect, inadvisable) revealed that the world is currently is in a state of confusion. Brexit is variously interpreted as a victory of democracy, a defeat of democracy, some people channel the supposed ghosts of dead saints to denounce the British for 'refusing to cooperate' and 'never entering the EU in their minds', some New Age Leftists believe that Brexit is a good thing because it will unravel the worldwide trade system and save us from Global Warming, some people believe the British need more democracy to save them from Brexit, some people believe they need more monarchy (the Queen should step in and either deliver Brexit properly, or revoke it), some people approve of the idea of making a 'global superorganism' but think Brexit is necessary because the EU globalists are going about it the wrong way....

This petri dish of contradictory analysis seems like the result of a breakdown in long-established (and stupid) conceptual categories which constrain thinking about how the world works. There are settled ideological mass-media ways of looking at things (that xenophobic Vernon Dursley types voted for Brexit, or it was the Russians wanting to destabilize the EU; or on the other side, there's the assertion that Brexit is important because it will help the Economy, or that the Global Elite Conspiracy may have very selfish intentions but at least pursues these in a rational and effective manner), but these are powerless to explain or justify the magnitude of what's going on. So as events get curiouser and curiouser, people will either stay confused, or will find another way of looking at things... one or the other.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Seijio - Interesting overview. It shows how the Brexit process has stirred-up things in a situation where the Establishment very much seemed Not to want them stirred-up. One worry I had a couple of years ago, was that the Brexit process would be smooth, bureaucratic business-as-usual, and that people would hardly notice.

Well, That hasn't happened! It is hard to imagine a greater fuss, uncertainty, cringeing; a greater display of dishonesty and vaccilation. I do not think that Parliament (etc) has ever been seen to be weaker and less honourable than they are just now.

It has been like a test - an invitation to think more deeply and independently. Most of the intellectual elite have failed this test spectacularly, and are saying exactly the same things now as on the day of the result. Brain freeze. By this, they have shown themselves to be hopelessly enmesahed and complicit in their own slow suicide... but then, we knew that already. Maybe some now realise it for themselves?

But who knows what the majority of people who Don't get quoted in the media are thinking in their hearts? I seem to sense a steely resolution... Maybe we soon will know.

William Wildblood said...

Those channeled messages from supposed ghosts of dead saints have it back to front. It should be praise the British for 'refusing to cooperate' and 'never entering the EU in their minds'. It shows the lower level of the next world is as confused as this one.

edwin said...

As little as most in the U.S. understand about the Brexit situation, there is widespread support for Britain leaving the E.U. Brexit is presented to us by the media as involving enormously complex and fragile arrangements that are in danger of toppling and leaving the U.K. in ruin, a fact known to world leaders but one that ordinary people are too stupid to grasp. The Brexiteers are portrayed as lemmings rushing toward their own destruction. But people here who are keenly aware that a critical moment in history has arrived, both for the U.S. and the U.K., sense that Brexit is in some way connected to our own fight for national identity and personal freedom, which the Left is doing its utmost to destroy. It does seem as though spiritual forces are at work, but are they not always at work? Whether there are enough people left in the West who are attuned to spirituality and are thus able to realize that we are at a crucial point in our cultural history and evolution remains to be seen. We want a wall. The Brits want Brexit. The leaders want neither. And we don't know who to trust.It does appear as though some powerful antiseptic has been poured onto a festering wound and all the corruption is rising to the surface. There is in this a certain exhiliration, such as comes when some longstanding lie is exposed and destroyed. Even if the elites win, there will be no going back to the pretense that we are living in anything other than a dictatorial oligarchy. Clarity is always a step forward, a movement toward the light.

Seijio Arakawa said...


The fact that EU treaty arrangements are so enormously complex and fragile is itself an argument against them. A formal system of laws incapable of reforming itself or adapting to historical events will either collapse on its own, or it will be torn down. If constraints can be added but not removed, the system is mathematically guaranteed to become incapable of reforming itself.

There's an obscure play-by-post collaborative storytelling game I once enjoyed following (now vanished from the Internet) called Fantasy Rules Committee. Participants in the game take turns enacting a law, which can constrain the content of future laws (e.g. 'all future laws passed in this parliament must contain an even number of vowels') and no law may ever be repealed. The game proceeds until the accumulated constraints make it impossible to propose any new laws. With sufficiently inventive players, one can witness an intractable pileup of complexity arise from entirely innocuous statutes.

Stories along the lines of "the UK needs to have trade agreements in place on Brexit Day but may not commence negotiating such agreements until after Brexit day" have a very Fantasy Rules Committee flavour to them and make the nature of the problem rather too obvious to the public.

Bruce Charlton said...

One of the major deficits of modern mainstream thinking, is its incapacity even to address the question of the nature of an organisation or institution.

If one can look at the EU in this light, and understands its basic nature; it can readily be seen to be a parasitic and self-destructive system. This isn't rocket science!

But the people of England have experienced this in their own lives for several decades - and that is why they are so deeply sure that the EU is A Bad Thing. It's a very practical, not abstract, thing - insofar as such matters can be practical.

An analogy would perhaps be Russia under communism. When you have spent you life having bad things done to you by leaders and bosses *because of* the EU/ socialism - then you learn that the EU/ socialism is A Bad Thing.