Thursday 3 August 2017

Our rulers are waging a spiritual war, they are not trying to provoke civil war or social collapse

There is as much evidence as ever there has been in history that our rulers are actively and strategically evil, plotting the spiritual damnation of their societies by officially imposed inversions of The Good - but therefore they are not plotting the economic/ material destruction of The West (not least because they could have achieved this long ago, but have chosen to prop-up the economy and sustain civil order).

What seems to be desired, aimed-at strategically, is a continual state of paralysing existential fear and resentment; rather than any overpowering emotion, or actual war or collapse - because that sort of thing might lead to repentance and action.

So, our (demonically-controlled) leadership class want an incremental and sustained crumbling of society into a long-term state of fear and resentment, of Christian rejection and the embrace of a hedonic, short-termist ethic; a love of ugliness; a discourse of continual and pervasive dishonesty... that kind of thing.  

This is after all spiritual warfare, with different goals than physical war (physical war has sometimes been, overall, spiritually healthy - or so it seems).

Unfortunately, Albion regards spiritual warfare as non-existent nonsense; hence it is invisible - and the conspiracy theorist accusations of  a hidden elite maximising this-worldly human suffering are clearly untrue.

Therefore nothing can or will be done; unless or until Albion awakens to awareness of the spiritual realm.

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