Tuesday 14 November 2017

What next? Cans and Can'ts - Dos and Don'ts

My understanding of what needs to be done combined with what can be done is crystallising around the insight that the necessary change is up-to individuals; and that the hope of group-action seems more-and-more like a fantasy which is serving as an inner-excuse to delay each of us from taking individual action.

The spiritual and religious awakening of Albion cannot be forced - it needs to be active, conscious, deliberate; and this active stance must be from the choices of free individuals.

It seems to me that all powerful and influential groups and institutions are now overall and by leadership intention on the side of evil (evil meaning destruction of the Good: the true, beautiful and virtuous).

The mainstream channels of communication have long been closed to opponents of Leftism; but now the alternative media and personal social media accounts are being incrementally harassed, blocked and closed-down under the 'fake news' or 'anti-extremism'. or 'conspiracy theory' rationales.

Furthermore, all groups which pursue a Christian agenda - or indeed any policy opposed to the New Leftism of totalitarian bureaucracy excused by the sexual revolution, antiracism, and the class war - is now actively been sought-out and attacked without restraint; in the past year the line has been crossed from media firestorms, personal ruin and sackings, into the billionaire-sponsored and police-protected and media-promoted, planned-violence of 'antifa' and the like.

However, my understanding of our situation is that none of these disappearing modes of change were ever going to be of any significant value to the agenda of spiritual Christianity anyway - because, if they were then we would not be in the current situation.

We live in a society of near universal insanity and accepted moral inversion, and normal 'materialistic' analyses and methods stand revealed as irrelevant at best, more likely counterproductive.

What we want cannot be got by 'communications' - which are nowadays distorted into worthlessness; but only by universally-accessible direct knowledge. Transformation cannot come about by any large-scale process acting-upon individuals; but by individuals acting upon reality through their primary thinking.

Since we acknowledge the reality and power of higher, super-sensible causes; we need to have faith that these can and will (if in-action) have an invisible and undetectable effect on organising the lower, material world perceptible to our senses- by the behind-the-scenes arrangement of sequences, 'coincidences' and improbable events.

But we are not talking about 'magic', at least not about the kind of magic which imposes the will of individual humans onto nature; we are instead talking about divine destiny - and the individual human's ability to know, sustain and sub-create within the context of God's creation. In this realm our actions can-only-be in-harmony-with those of the Creator; because divine purposes are intrinsically coordinated, we cannot (thanks Heavens!) impose our own selfish will.

We are talking here about God-within working in harmony with God-without. Or - by embracing in faith God's creation as our context; the divine within is able to motivate us to aim for good, know reality, evaluate truly, and stimulate us to conscious activity that will advance the divine agenda - by the above-mentioned higher, supersensible, undetectable routes.

This happens not by 'action' in the normally understood materialist sense; but by what I have termed primary thinking - that is thinking in the realm of universal reality. This is the thinking of our real-divine selves (God-within); it is thinking in the divine mode of thinking. And such thinking (being divine) is active, conscious and free.

Albeit truly-minuscule in scope and power relative to God and Creation; our own personal divine contribution (as developing, learning Sons and Daughters of God) is real and vitally important-to-God and his hopes for creation.

My point here is that this can only happen if we, as free individuals, set about doing it; nothing else will suffice - and under current circumstances there is no excuse for delay because alternatives are absent.

Almost everybody nowadays seems to be busy; there is work (most harmful work); there is personal relationships (mostly hedonist, short-termist and selfish); there is politics (wholly composed of gradations of evil)....

But personal spiritual development, in the Christian context, ought to be our explicit first priority in our lives. We ought, as individuals, to do what is necessary - because nobody else can do it for us.


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