Saturday 10 September 2016

Some suggested early signs of spiritual awakening

As described elsewhere, I recently did a lot of reading in the work of David Icke - sometimes described as the world's leading conspiracy theorist:

I don't suppose anyone would accept, or even a half, of Icke's many thousands of statements on hundreds of topics; but he is certainly a man of considerable integrity and insight - who has for many years been suggesting that a spiritual awakening is due to happen from about 2016. From various of his video interviews I have culled what he seems to regard are the main signs of such an awakening:

1. A resumption and increase of solar activity. The idea is that in some way the sun's radiation is the main driver, not only of light and heat, but spirituality. (This is assuming the sun is alive, sentient, angelic in nature.) We are currently, and for about a decade, in a low minimum of solar activity - with extremely few sunspots for example. When the sun resumes activity, reaching high levels, is when the awakening is supposed to accelerate. 

2. The truth about things will start coming-out and will be unstoppable (but of course it will not be unopposed, will indeed be met by an escalation of propaganda and soft-sell brainwashing); so the necessary information to reveal the vast extent of deception and the falseness of the official public 'world' will become readily available to all; a matter of common (but maybe covert - outside the public realm) conversation.

3. More and more people will experience a drastic increase in awareness of this information and the deception - including people who had been insiders to the evil global conspiracy. Some well known and/or powerful Establishment figures will repent publicly and change sides.

4. There will be a simultaneous increase in the repression and control of mass human life and the obviousness of such systems (surveillance, explicit propaganda, persecution and prosecutions...) in an increasingly desperate and urgent attempt to maintain the delusion - the gloves will come-off, because they have-to come-off. 

5. Cracks will appear in the wall of lies; small at first, but widening rapidly and unstoppably - like a dam bursting.

So, these are some things that may perhaps be worth looking for...

Of course the outcome of all this is not foreordained - those who awaken may be too few, or too lacking in love and courage.

But the idea is that we will soon get (another) chance - perhaps the final chance - to understand what is really going-on in an explicit and undeniable (albeit simple) way; and if we wish then to step-off the down-escalator to mass self-damnation.

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