Sunday 5 February 2017

Christianity not a means to the end of saving Albion

Although Christianity is necessary to saving Albion; and Christianity must come first - before any programme of  political, economic, or social changes; that does Not mean that we can or should use Christianity as a means to the end of saving Albion specifically

And what applies to Albion specifically also applies to The West in general.

The situation is that we must have spiritual Christianity first, because otherwise we will not know what to do, nor how properly to do it.

To put is another way, without a spiritual Christian revival, the nation of Albion will not be especially worth saving.

This is harsh but true. All that was good about Albion will be lost - as much of it already has been lost, and indeed inverted, unless we first recover our spirituality.

And for various reasons this spirituality must end-up being Christianity (even if the awakening is not initially Christian, it will need to become so before too long - and indeed would become so, I believe - unless coercively distorted in some other direction).

This is how it must work: the nation has a spiritual awakening, which entails acknowledging the reality and importance of the spiritual (suprasensory) in Life, and orientating Life towards this - this must then become Theistic and Christ-centred spirituality.

Then, and only then, will we be able to understand the situation we are in, what needs to be done (and in what order things need to be done) and how to do they - because the methods must be congruent with the objectives.

From here and now - we simply do not understand or know. Our perspective is based on false premises (a false metaphysics) and anything we try to do will be poisoned at source - and will almost certainly lead to net harm - do more evil than good.

This applies to all current secular (i.e. not primarily religious) politics and ideologies, both Left and Right: all such are necessarily and always blind, warped and wicked.

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Bruce Charlton said...

Comment frem Sean Cory:

The West is being attacked by forces both external and, especially, internal one of whose aims is to render us blind, deaf and dumb to the reality of who and what is destroying us knowing that to do so makes us impotent to fight back. The enemy is succeeding in this so that today, with the exception of a handful of those who still hold the faith, there is not just a reluctance to name the enemy but a surge of ridicule and dismissal of anyone who does so name him. He is Satan, Lucifer, the Serpent and a myriad of other names. He is real, very active and has thousands of years of practice and observation that gives him a very effective repertoire of weapons to use against us.

I note that Brother Charlton and a few others (very few) have links appearing in blogs written and read by people on the right. I have no idea how many people read his blog or others that are sounding the alarm that if the West is to survive its people must get back in the game. Brother Charlton has stated about as baldly and boldly as is possible what the issues are and what must be done to confront them.

I am a member of the LDS church. I converted at age 48. I was not a Christian at the time though I was religious in a theistic sort of way. My life prior to this event was largely typical of a man of the west in this age. I was lazy, dissolute, ignorant, a slave to impulse and subject to infatuation, dishonest, a liar and a betrayer of trust. Yet I thought myself a wise, good man and a better than average citizen. So if I can come around to the knowledge that Jesus is THE Christ, the only begotten Son of the living God and the only avenue by which one can reach true peace and salvation then anyone can. This has not been an easy road to travel and at times it has been quite unpleasant but I can say with certainty that the road becomes smoother as one forges ahead and the rewards of insight and knowledge are worth the effort.

That said, I am not at all optimistic about the West's likelihood of surviving in the current state of affairs. There will always be a kernel made up of those who hold to the true faith (and, no, they are not all Mormons) because the true faith is never extinguished even in the most trying circumstances (and they aren't much more trying than right now). I do not believe the people of the West are capable of a large scale renaissance of true religion. This is because I really do believe we are in the last days of the age of fallen mankind and that what follows next is the second advent of our Lord. What CAN happen, of course, is that individuals here and there will discover their true condition and truly desire to change it and that they will stumble upon blogs like this one and Brother Charlton's or make contact with a missionary or someone of true faith who will inspire them to turn and head in the right direction. Which is all that is necessary, really. God knows none of us are going to achieve anything like spiritual perfection in this life. But it is required that we be facing the right direction and following the road to the best of our ability no matter how feeble that may be. God knows the heart of man and there is nothing to fear if we are earnestly and sincerely trying to know His.

Don't give up the fight brothers and sisters. Voices of warning must be raised and God is the inspiration that brings people to raise them. May the blessings of Our Father be upon you and all who come to this blog and sources of knowledge like it.