Thursday 16 February 2017

The future is Freedom - but spiritual, not political, Freedom

The work of Rudolf Steiner and Owen Barfield has been extremely helpful to me in understanding Western Man's spiritual destiny - and thus the divinely-intended future of Christianity in Albion.

In particular I have been tremendously impressed by Steiner's prophecy of 1918 as published under the distinctly un-promising title of  'The work of the angels in Man's astral body'.

In essence, as I understand it; our destiny is to be truly free - which means to be free in our true thinking, from our true selves.

'True' thinking is thinking which we personally originate - not thinking caused by external factors but thinking which comes from that-which-is-divine within us.

(That which is divine in us is the true self - to be distinguished from the fake personalities we passively absorb or get inculcated by socialisation, sin and error.)

This is - or would be - a grown-up, wholly-individual (unique to each person), fully-responsible Christianity

- and not, therefore, the relatively child-like, passive, rule-following obedience to external pressures and rules of traditional and historical Christianity; and not the social-sexual freedom-from-Christianity of perpetually-adolescent modern left-liberalism.

The religion of the future - the fully-developed and adult Christianity - is not a church-derived religion; it is the directly-experienced religion of an individual spiritually in a loving relationship with the divine and other people.

What lies between us-now, and the attainment of this future spiritual Christianity, is our spiritual ignorance, rejection and incompetence; the solution to which is to discover what we are aiming for and then, by some process of trial and error and repentance the specific details of which will be unique to each individual person - due to their unique constitution and circumstances.

So there is no generally-applicable program of readings, rituals, exercises, prayers, meditations - and no institutional structure - which we can depend-upon for this - each must do it for him- or her-self.

This sound either impossible or a recipe for blundering, wishful thinking, being manipulated and self-deception; however we have each been equipped (by the creator, our loving Father) with an inner guidance system and an inner capacity of evaluation and judgement (i.e. discernment).

Neither the guidance system nor the discernment are perfect - but each is of divine nature - and together they will suffice to do the job, when backed-up by a willingness to acknowledge and repent our errors.

But what 'proof' do I have that this is indeed what we ought to be doing; what is my evidence?

The answer is that it is a matter of personal revelation; which itself depends on a solid personal belief in the validity of inner-guidance and discernment - and that past ideas of the primacy of 'the church' (or any other external, objective source) are no longer applicable at this point in Western human evolution.

So - the present is a perpetual adolescence which is evil and un-viable; but the past is neither possible to re-attained nor is it desirable that we should return to it - the future is something new, imprecise in its details, and uncharted in its consequences.

However, the destined future of Christianity in Albion is clear enough, and our competence is sufficient, that we can get there - if we aim in the right direction and proceed with the proper motivation.

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