Thursday 20 April 2017

The UK General Election - what to look for?

The UK will have a General Election in a few week's time - almost a year after the historic result of the Brexit referendum.

While there is some limited interest in seeing how the election proceeds - it nonetheless seems-like the most pre-decided election of my life; assuming that the current government indeed presents itself as the part of uncompromising Brexit. But the election specifically, and politics in general, is certainly not going to change any of the most important things that need changing. That can only come from a spiritual and Christian awakening.

Yet, a General Election might also and far more importantly provoke a period of general reflection on the nature and future of Albion... If it does, this will be invisible to the mass media and public discourse - but only discernible in private and sincere conversations; and by those (few, presumably) who can intuit the spiritual reality of the nation.

It is this which we ought to be monitoring, ought to be aware of - and to assist - in what ways we can - and whenever possible.

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