Monday 14 August 2017

Impression From Above

I was very interested to read Bruce Charlton's recent piece here 'That Hideous Strength Revisited' because it almost exactly coincides with what I think. I say 'almost' as there is one slight difference. Those who have read my personal blog will know that it derives from an experience I had that started in 1979 and continued, on and off, until 1999 in which I was spoken to by spiritual beings who instructed me in the ways of the spiritual path, particularly with regard to my own deficiencies in that respect. So this finished just before the start of the current millennium (and also just before the solar eclipse of 1999 which I see as a kind of punctuation mark in the story of recent human development).

Now these spiritual beings did not identify themselves but they were distinguished by a wisdom and love not of this world. They were not ostensibly Christian but the only spiritual teacher they ever referred to was Jesus and, as far as I was concerned, they spoke as disciples of Christ, emphasising above all the need for the aspirant to truth to acquire humility and love. They were clearly not Catholics or Protestants or whatever, such distinctions I feel must be left behind in Heaven, but, to me at any rate, they demonstrated the reality of theosis, of men of this world transformed into realised spiritual beings.

I am well aware that this is dodgy ground. The possibility, even likelihood, of illusion and deception in this area is huge. But I must speak as I found.

Anyway I only mention this because it is the slight area of disagreement I have with Bruce. It is possible that beings such as those who spoke to Ransom in That Hideous Strength may speak to us. Not that I regard those who spoke to me as mighty angels like the eldils but they were from the higher worlds. Having said that, I must add that these Masters, as I called them, never told me what to do, and I think Bruce is absolutely right to say that now, at this juncture in human unfoldment, we are on our own, outwardly at least. They gave me personal spiritual instruction on a fairly basic, though pertinent, level but that was all. The rest was up to me. And I do think it significant that this stopped at the turn of the millennium.

They did however tell me that when they stopped speaking to me they would communicate in a different way. They also told me that they tried to impress me with ideas which I would receive on the level of the intuition though it was up to me to learn to discriminate between the truth of that and what they termed wishful thinking. I think I am sometimes aware of this and can distinguish between the two but who knows? This is where purity of intent, devotion to truth and strict personal honesty come in and which of us is perfect in those respects? We can but try and through trying we learn and improve, both in what you might call spiritual transparency and sensitivity to truth. That is a far better thing than simply carrying out instructions. This way we learn to become masters ourselves - eventually. 

I think this is the same as Bruce means when he writes of angels communicating with us by joining their thinking with ours. They impress us on a spiritual plane and we translate that impression as best we can, according to the degree of our own receptivity. It is not the same thing as telepathy which operates on a lower level, a purely mental one. This process operates on the spiritual plane and requires a sensitivity to that plane on our part. Without that sensitivity, which is dependent to a large extent on inner purity and love of truth, we will not be able to respond to spiritual impression though we may well respond to impressions from lower levels which is why there is so much spiritual confusion in this world, and why it is often easier for false ideas to gain traction than true ones, necessarily more demanding in terms of our ability to live them.

It may be that there are genuine spiritual beings communicating directly with their disciples in this world nowadays, but I am not aware of such and from my own perspective the time for that is past. Bruce is right to say that now we are responsible for ourselves and must seek to live from the highest position we can while under constant bombardment from the prince of this world who has more or less taken over completely in terms of all aspects of the outer world. He dominates the political and cultural worlds, the educational and scientific ones too, and he has corrupted most forms of religion and spirituality. I'm afraid that is just how things are. 

But we are not alone. The spiritual world is always with us and seeks to inspire us, but we must cleanse our hearts and minds to be able to detect this. We must stand aside from 'this world' but not disdain it or our fellow men and women even when they are in thrall to the enemy (let's call a spade a spade). They are God's children just as we are. He wants to bring them to him however far they wander but, ultimately, it is their choice. God forces no one.

So listen for the voice within. Blot out the noise of this world, however persuasive and confident it sounds. Know that the darkness of this time was prophesied and so was the light that eventually follows after. Keep faithful, watch and pray and don't worry if you appear to be alone. By and large the computer revolution is a weapon in the hands of the forces of materialism and atheism but you can take advantage of it too, as this blog does, if you recognise and stay alert to its predominantly negative aspect. Through this means you can connect to people around the world who think as you do and so know that there are others like you. You may be heavily outnumbered but you are not alone. Through enduring this time of trial you have the opportunity of making greater progress than you might have done living in a more spiritually congenial time.


John Fitzgerald said...

An excellent post Wiliam - wise, perceptive and inspiring.

This might be a topic for a seperate post and I know it features in your book, but I was wondering if you have any further thoughts on the significance of the August 1999 eclipse. I've been thinking about it a lot lately, partly because we're in August again and also because I've heard there'll be a few similar eclipses around the world over the next few weeks and months. The topic seems to be 'in the air' so to speak.

I've read a variety of theories about the 99 eclipse - that it signified the beginning of the period of Satan's 'greater power' over the earth as prophecied in the Apocalypse; the rise of Vladimir Putin in Russia; the consciousness-changing coming of the Internet; the birth of the 'Great Monarch' predicted by Nostradamus; and so on.

I have the sense that all these interpretations are true enough in their own way but that the true significance of the event remains somehow elusive; to my occluded mind at least. But certainly a great sea change has taken place since then.

Bruce Charlton said...

I agree with the essence of what you say, William - and expanded my own take on it over on my Notions blog:

William Wildblood said...

I'm sorry, John and Bruce, I've only just seen your comments.

I'm afraid, John, that with regard to eclipses my mind is occluded as you say yours is! Like you I do think they have some significance and I'm sure the effects (if that's the right word, I don't know if it is) you mention are among them. The 1999 eclipse seemed to have direct consequences for me which is why I noticed it at the time but its global consequences only became apparent later.

Thw interesting thing now is the eclipse that travels over America on August 21st. Who knows what this portends but I wouldn't be surprised if something is on the horizon. At the same time, we have to keep a sense of proportion where these phenomena are concerned. There have been many eclipses before and the world still trundles on. But these times are unusual, even very unusual, so we should stay alert.

I shall go and read your post now, Bruce!

Bruce Charlton said...

Regarding the sun, in 1999 the sun was in an active phase, whereas currently it is extremely inactive in the sense of having few sunspots etc. Of course such measures are ridiculously crude! Who knows what is happening inside...

But presumably they mean something. They could indeed mean the opposite of what we suppose, if the sun is indeed sentient.

And nobody can predict the sun and what it will do (consistent with there being agency).

Either way, it seems likely that any truly major and rapid global spiritual change will be accompanied by change related to the sun, as a spiritual being; whether or not we can perceive such changes. Presumably the moon too.

What specifically, I have no idea; my guess would be something/s unexpected and unprecedented...