Friday 23 February 2018

Past and future spiritual awakenings...

I am beginning to feel surer that past spiritual awakenings are a poor guide to what is possible and desirable now.

I have come across many, many prophecies, predictions and intense wishes that some kind of force will beam-upon, spread-across, grow-within The West in general, or the UK in particular... so that a great mass of people will undergo a positive spiritual change: will becomes Christians, and/ or will develop a higher form of consciousness.

Clearly there is a yearning for rescue, for being-saved, for being-developed, for being overwhelmed (like it or not, and insensibly) positively by some external benign influence...

I can accept that such things happened in the past  - for example in the Old Testament, where the focus is mostly upon the group, the tribe, the family of the Ancient Hebrews. They seem to stand or fall together.

But my reading of the 'tenor' of the Gospels, especially John's Gospel, is that this era was ended by Jesus - and I suspect that such revivals and awakenings of this 'mass' kind since Christ have only been of 'remedial' value; they have not, and could not, actually lead to genuine theosis of the kind that God wishes from us and made possible by Jesus.

The simple reason is that for us to become more-divine we must become more agent, more free; and in particular we must consciously, explicitly and actively choose to become more divine.

In the past and starting from a less self-conscious situation, it was possible and useful for a group of people to be unconsciously acted-upon by some beneficial external influence - but here-and-now I think that such mass influences, such unconscious influences, can only do harm and not good.

Certainly, the main thrust of demonic activity looks to be in the direction of reducing Man to the mass - by totalitarian monitoring and control, by getting our emotions and thinking locked-into technology which will take-over and drive our emotions, fill our thoughts.

Almost everything from governments, officials and the media is tending to get us to join-in mass events, movements, emoting... to corral us into campaigns, demands, fashions, trends, opinions; to be swept along, overwhelmed, carried by forces beyond our control...

I presume that this colossal effort is because such mass movements of mind are intrinsically evil -  intrinsically hostile to divine destiny and hopes.

Yet thought is free - real thought of the real self is utterly free and true. We can know what we need to know directly and unmediated, and such knowledge is of universal and permanent effect. This is precisely what the demonic powers need to ignore, confuse and deny.

The individual awakening to reality - that is the unit of awakening. The only mass awakening can be a mass of individuals - but nobody and nothing can make this happen.

It can only happen by a multitude of individual decisions - decisions made in full consciousness and explicitly.

Thus nothing can cause an awakening; and, although awakening can be made difficult, nothing can prevent it.

The next step is up-to each and every one of us; and the sooner we stop looking to someone or something else to do it to us - the faster it can happen.

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William Wildblood said...

We are individuals. A mass awakening would be rather like mass hypnosis, robbing us of free will. Life started off in the mass. The whole point of creation is to make individuals. The very words mass and awakening contradict each other in my opinion because one refers back to the pre-individual tribal past while the other points to the future. If there were to be a mass awakening then we would still be asleep. You see this constantly in spiritual groups in which everyone is required to be the same. Mass awakening is for zombies!