Sunday 29 April 2018

Learning from the failure of Brexit

As it becomes ever more certain that we we have 'Brexit in name only', it is worth reflecting on what can be learned from the experience of the last couple of years.

One is that the entirely of our ruling elites - no matter what they say - was corrupt and evil-motivated, and becomes more so with every passing month. We knew this already, but it has been confirmed.

Another is the the British people are spiritually asleep, or rather self-stupefied; and we are unwilling to be awakened. If Brexit, and the 'leave' vote, was a chance to recognise our situation and do something about it - then the situation was not recognised and nothing was done.

I detect not the slightest qualitative change for the better in public discourse; but public discourse is changing in that the program of corruption and inversion of Good continues to accelerate - and indeed has taken on a somewhat wild and reckless quality. This may have been the main legacy of the pro-Brexit vote - and may also represent the best hope for a spiritual awakening.

Because now Albion's best hope is in the errors and excesses of our enemies - that an increased irritation and anger, increased rapidity of accelerating evil, might prove sufficiently provocative to overcome the endemic fear, resentment and despair that besets the nation.

Initially, though, I see no way that Good can happen without a significant disengagement - from the mass/ social media and the mass of propaganda and dissipation (include interpersonal timewasting).

This would initially be negative - perhaps visible in a collapse of mass media participation, from so-called-work and learning; in people not doing things, not buying things...

Only after some such disengagement could there be search, discovery, awakening; then faith, hope and energy.

As so often, things must (appear to) get worse, before they can (really) get better...

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