Tuesday 2 October 2018

Confessions of a White Male

Twenty years ago I never thought of myself as a white male. Obviously that's what I was but I didn't think to define myself in those terms. But now I am increasingly being identified as such and that is thanks to the divisive identity politics created by the left as part of the ongoing attempt to undermine the West. Now, for someone like me, there appear to be only two choices. Either abase yourself and admit that, yes, you are a privileged oppressor or else just dismiss this nonsense and affirm that traditional Western (that's to say, Christian) culture really is better than any other, notwithstanding its faults. For this you might be vilified, branded a racist, extreme right fascist etc, but it is really the only reasonable thing to do if you don't wish to see the egalitarianism of cultural relativism erode civilised standards built up over centuries or watch humanity descend into mutually antagonistic groups full of resentment, all suspicious of each other and fighting for power. One might feel gloomy at the prospect of getting anywhere were it not for the fact that the revolution always ends up by eating itself as different members of the party turn on each other.

God created humanity with divisions. First and foremost, there are the divisions of male and female, reflecting something in his own nature. But there are also the racial divisions which were presumably part of his purpose or he would not have created environments in which they could develop and be expressed. We do not know what his purpose was but we can assume he had one. Perhaps it is just an example of his abundant creativity. Perhaps, as certain occult teachings say, human beings emanated from different sources or lifestreams, and racial differences could echo these even if it is also the case that these differences appear within the races as well as between them. This is dangerous ground nowadays, of course, but there is no obvious reason why it should not be so once you understand that the soul uses the body. It is not the product of that body. Therefore it is perfectly possible that different earthly expressions have come about to suit different forms of consciousness.

That having been said, all souls come from God. There is a fundamental unity and humanity is one creation. But the differences are real as well. So these groups do exist but their reality should not blind us to the truth that they should all be serving the same God. They have the same Master, the same Father. They are brothers.

St Paul said there is no Jew nor Greek in Jesus Christ which means that Christ is the truth for all. It does not mean that humanity is all one identical homogenous mass but that we can all find our salvation in Christ. The modern identity politics which seeks to divide must be rejected in the name of a higher unity but not a political unity which would almost certainly be coercive and oppressive. It must be the recognition of a spiritual unity in Christ.

What I want to say here is this. Beware of those who seek to divide and who hide their real agenda of power seeking behind fashionable egalitarian rhetoric. At the same time, know that divisions in humanity do exist and rightfully so. Not everything is equal even if everything is one at base. It is wrong to over-emphasise the divisions but it is equally wrong to claim that the unity overrides all other aspects of what humanity is. Ultimately we can only find the truth about ourselves in Christ. Everything else is just the thrashing about of the ego.

I am a white male but I do not think of myself primarily in those terms. What I really am is a human soul seeking the fundamental truth of his being in Christ.


Adil said...

What does white mean? It's another of those empty, modern abstractions. Of course it's an American thing, where there is one general, diffuse white mass in contrast to black people. But Europeans seem to be more internally diverse than any other group, so I don't know about any whiteness. Europe has natural historical ties with the Middle East, and even India. America is further away from Europe than the Middle east is. America is in the future, and something that is cut off from Europe. All this fuss about race comes from there. And those who deny it seem to be the most obsessed about it. Whiteness, blackness, humanness etc are egalitarian terms for a mass society.

I'm very much a globalist and multiculturalist in the sense that I prefer global diversity and national homogeneity not the other way around. The left are not cultural relativists they are spiritual relativists and ideological universalists. I do think some cultures are better than others, but there is no universal standard except Christ. Race might be real but anyone who does politics out of that is probably spiritually sick. We live in a system that is not anti-white or anti-black, but anti-human.

William Wildblood said...

"some cultures are better than others, but there is no universal standard except Christ". That's it exactly, Eric.