Tuesday 5 March 2019

Boardman on Brexit

From last summer, a characteristically broad, deep and thorough analysis of Brexit and what (assuming we do actually get-out from the EU) might come next.

I personally don't see any kind of group-mind at work in UK public life - so I am not sure what we can actually 'do' to promote good outcomes, except at our individual and personal level.

Nonetheless, I still continue to see (in the Brexit process) what might be the consequences of some kind of Good, Godly spiritual strategy; imperceptibly from behind the scenes; using higher mechanisms that we cannot observe but which are more efficient and more powerful than materialism.

This is what medics sometimes call a 'diagnosis of exclusion', in the sense that I regard the fact of Brexit as good, and I am amazed that it has happened even so far as it has; because I cannot see any adequate forces in favour of Brexit that are adequate to account for the implementation of the plan to exit the EU.

I really can't see where Brexit gets its strength in a material sense; therefore I infer that it is operating mostly in a spiritual sense.

If I am right, and I may not be! - this is good news in many ways; in that it may not be possible for the Establishment to thwart Brexit, since they are up against superior forces. If I am correct; then angelic spiritual forces are doing, and will continue to do, the 'heavy lifting' to extract Britain from the EU.

But on the other side, although spiritual powers could create a situation or set-up; it is the multitude of individual people of Britain who make the choices; and unless they are actively in favour of a better (more spiritual, Christian) future for Britain, then the future will not be better - but will continue to get worse in much the same way as-if we had remained in the EU.

So, we British may be gifted with a better situation, however, it is up to us to make something Good of it.


whitestone said...

I think people on some level realize that the eu is a conduit of evil. Many realize that remaining in the eu will result in the destruction of the soul of the nation. Also I think that they understand, despite the leavers assurances to the contrary, that leaving will come at a cost, that we will not actually be better off in material terms, but they are more than happy to do so. This is very encouraging.
I notice when reading the comments sections of anti eu publications that Christian commenters are reviewed extremely positively, even by the secular/ atheist right. People realize that Christian commentators are onto something. That political, opsychological sociological analysis is not enough. There appears to be a gradual awakening to the need for analysis IOC a spiritual perspective.This was not the case a few years ago. Quite the opposite. Little acorns. Small spiritual germs.
Whether we leave without a deal or remain as a powerless e u colony, which seems to be the plan, the eu will do all it can to bring us to our knees and will unleash the full force of its wickedness upon us. Evil is no longer as subtil as it used to be. It seems to be in a hurry. It knows it’s time is short. It is showing itself for what it is. This is its weakness. My hope is that it will be evil itself that causes a spiritual awakening. That satan himself causes a Christian revival.

Bruce Charlton said...

@w - Good comment. The dicussion I have seen reported has been purely economic and short termist; but I suspect that this is the mass media filtering. The idea that a policy which is better in the long term nearly always inflicts a shorter term punishment is not mentioned. The idea that there is more to life than money is not mentioned. The evils of the of the mass media have been revealed; the shallowness of private interaction has been revealed; the snobbishness, dishonesty and hypocrisy of the Establishment has been rubbed-in repeatedly (although they seem blissfully unaware) - the last three years have been quite a revelation!

Francis Berger said...

I am also pleased by the Brexit negotiations, and like you, I too am somewhat surprised the whole thing hasn't fallen through yet. Goodness knows it has had plenty of opportunities to do so already. It certainly does appear there are other forces at play here.

There is sure to be a period of suffering when Britain finally withdraws from the EU, but all gains come with some suffering/hardship at the beginning. I hope the British people realize how much they stand to gain by extracting their nation from the demonically controlled EU. I only wish Hungary would do the same, but Hungary is choosing the "we will reform the EU from within" approach, which is sure to end in tragic failure.