Sunday 11 September 2016

The Revelation of Ramala and the Destiny of Britain

In the late 1970s when I first became interested in spiritual matters I visited a place in Glastonbury that was called the Ramala Centre. This was really just a guest house catering mostly for people on the Glastonbury pilgrimage circuit and revolved around a husband and wife team who had recently published a book called The Revelation of Ramala. The book purported to contain channeled teachings coming from a group of spiritual beings in the inner planes or higher worlds and, unlike many such, had the ring of truth to it, even a certain amount of authority. In fact, I had no doubt that it was genuine but that does not mean that everything in it had to be accepted as true. In a channeling experience one cannot assume that the communicator has all knowledge simply because he, she or it is communicating from the spiritual realm. As we have been told, 'in my Father's house there are many mansions' which means that in the spiritual world, the planes of being beyond the physical, there are many levels which, whether you think of them as planes of consciousness or actual localities, are discrete spheres of being in which spiritual knowledge, understanding and even holiness of character increase as one ascends. And one can only ascend these planes to the degree that one's inner state of being corresponds to them. Even if, as some say, there are aspects of our being on these planes all the way up to supernal levels and the throne of God, these would be in the nature of a seed that requires to be awakened and developed before it can be truly known or expressed. This means that any communicating spiritual being will only have the knowledge appropriate to its spiritual development and location which, in terms of the inner worlds, amounts to pretty much the same thing.

So a channeling may be authentic in the sense that it comes from a genuine spiritually awakened being rather than a recently departed human soul or a piece of animated psychic detritus or even a demon or malicious spirit of some kind, but that does not mean the source is always right and cannot be mistaken. It all depends where it is coming from. There is also the matter of the channeler (medium) to take into account. Is he able to bring through what is communicated without putting a personal slant on it, even if that is done unconsciously? In many cases I would say the answer would be no. In this case, however, I thought the process was fairly pure; that is, the source was a reasonably elevated one and the channeler brought through the communications with little personal interference. However one still needed, as always, to use common sense, discrimination and intuition to sift out the objectively real from subjective opinion, belief and just plain error.

All this is to introduce one of the last chapters or talks in the book which was called 'The Destiny of Britain'. I felt a shock of recognition when I first read it, one of those moments when something you didn't know you knew is suddenly brought out into the sunlight of full awareness, and I'd like to give a few extracts from it here. With due acknowledgement and thanks to the authors, of course, who were David and Ann Jevons. The book was published anonymously back in the day but their names are on their website so I don't suppose anonymity matters much any more at this distance in time. I've edited the extracts a little, but only in the sense of leaving sections out. I haven't added anything other than what is in brackets and that's only to make better sense of the piece in its edited form. When reading please bear in mind this comes from a book published in 1978.

From  'The Destiny of Britain'.

"To many of her inhabitants it would appear that Britain is a declining country, set upon a path towards economic and moral collapse, but my purpose in speaking to you is to reassure you that she is indeed still great and to tell you of her purpose in the destiny of the Earth.

Britain contains some of the most sacred points of divine power on the surface of this planet, and has always been the holiest of lands, kept apart, separate, from the other land masses of the World. It is true that the Nazarene (Jesus) came to Britain as a young man in order to prepare his physical body for overshadowment by the Christ (for) Britain is one of the great spiritual centres of the World.

At the present time it would appear that Britain is on the verge of collapse (but) it is in Britain that the light of renaissance is being kindled. Britain is to be the leader of the World, not in the sense that she has led the World in the past through the conquering of countries but rather in the sense of a spiritual leader to whom other countries will look to for guidance. It has been written that Britain and America will be one (and) this is true. In the USA today you have much potential, much power but also a need for guidance. It is this which Britain will provide for being prepared within this country now are the teachers of the New Age.

It is therefore unfortunate that at such a time Britain has chosen to attach itself in federation to other countries in Europe. As a nation she has free choice but through attaching herself to Europe she has delayed the destiny which she has to fulfil. She will in time overcome this obstacle, and find release from that federation, the motivation for joining which was trying to avoid that which was written in the economic future of the country. Nevertheless, in spite of this union having taken place, Britain will not avert an economic collapse.

At the present time Britain is preparing herself for her future role. Those of us of the Hierarchy who seek to forward the plan for this Earth are drawing very close to Britain at this time. Remember that Britain has had a glorious past and is a most holy and sacred land. In the future Britain is to play a role which is without parallel for which the people who inhabit these shores have to undergo a period of transmutation so that she may be ready to fulfil the true purpose of her being: the resting place of the Christ light"

As I say, this comes from a book published in 1978 and the talk may be from some time earlier. Ignoring the content for the moment, it is interesting to note that, while beings on higher levels may have some idea of a possible future, they are not accurate with regard to time. Most of the predictions here have yet to come to pass. Now that we are about to leave the EU (as correctly predicted here) matters may accelerate but it seems clear that a shorter timescale was envisaged by the speaker back then. Human free will is a factor that cannot be taken into account and nor can the consequences of manipulations by the dark forces, who obviously want to forestall and obstruct the plans of the spiritual Hierarchy (to use the language of the extract) for as long as possible. It seems that, so far, these dark forces have been highly successful in postponing any spiritual awakening. In the '80s, shortly after this book appeared, they fostered materialism and greed on the one hand while, on the other, they debased much nascent spirituality by diverting it into the psychic dead ends of New Age fantasies. They also spread social and moral attitudes totally at variance with any traditional Western ideas and we are stuck with these today. Of course, none of that would have been possible if we hadn't gone along with it and proved relatively easy to corrupt.

This talk and much of the book reflect the Age of Aquarius ideology popular in alternative spirituality circles in the 1970s but this was probably an unconscious imprint from the mind of the channeler. The substance of the talk will most likely have been transmitted in the form of ideas on a mental level and then clothed in words by the channeler so it will reflect his attitudes and opinions of the time in terms of its style and form. Nevertheless, if one filters these out, one is still left with a prophecy of the future spiritual importance of Britain. There is also the prediction of economic collapse which has been delayed for some time (decades it would seem from the extract) but which very possibly cannot be put off for much longer. Maybe leaving the EU will trigger it but that does not mean it is a mistake. Man does not live by bread alone and sometimes he has to give up his bread (and his circuses) in order to see that there is something more than this to life. I don't say that economic collapse is willed by the powers that be but it may be regarded as necessary, just as the delaying of economic collapse is not, in itself, wanted by the enemy but might be seen as useful in that it perpetuates our materialism and avoidance of spiritual responsibility.

From my perspective now I think that Britain has not been true to her calling. There was an opportunity but we were not equal to it at the time. I wonder if recent events mean that opportunity might come knocking again, another chance to fulfil our spiritual destiny? I even wonder if this second opportunity wasn't always seen as the real one by the true spiritual powers, and the earlier one was in the nature of a trial run or preparing of the way, a kind of false opening that nevertheless  would serve to facilitate the future true opening.  If that is the case we can expect the other side to redouble their efforts to delay, sidetrack and corrupt, and we should be alert to what takes place in our own psyches to make sure we do not succumb to these forces who will always attack where we are weakest in ways we do not expect.

Some readers may not like references to 'the other side' and 'the enemy'. Aren't we all supposed to be friends now and isn't everybody equal, all with the same rights to express ourselves and have our opinion regarded as valid if it's true for us? Oh, dear! Whatever happened to being wise as serpents? The fact is we are in a spiritual war and there is indeed another side. It is wise to know this even if we should not focus too much on it and start branding others in this world who might disagree with us as in league with the devil. Perhaps they are but that does not necessarily make them bad people in themselves. (It might, of course, but 'hate the sin love the sinner' is wise counsel.) Besides there is nothing that will increase a sense of self-righteousness so much as considering oneself as enlightened and others as bad. It's one of the devil's classic tricks to catch out and bring down those who have made some spiritual headway. At the same time, there is no room for compromise in true spiritual understanding. Truth is truth and falsehood is falsehood and you cannot make any kind of compromise with the devil. You cannot extend tolerance to his ideas or you will end up adopting them in some form yourself.

The destiny of Britain is here linked to Christ. It is confirmed that he came to this country in his youth as part of preparing for his mission, and it is implied that in some sense Britain is a focus for what is called the Christ light which I would interpret as the spiritual light released by Christ during his lifetime or after his Ascension. Any individual can contact this light and enter into the Christ consciousness but first he must purify his three lower vehicles, physical, emotional and mental, of all worldly stain and raise his inner sensibilities to the level of the soul. Perhaps this light is akin to the Holy Spirit and lies hidden in Britain waiting to be awoken and brought out into the open when a sufficient number of people have called it forth by equipping themselves to receive it? For those who might dismiss this on the grounds that this light is a spiritual thing so cannot have a physical location I would say, yes and no. Of course, it is spiritual but just as our soul is in our heart so a spiritual light can have an earthly focus when it is applied to the Earth.


John Fitzgerald said...

That's extraordinary, William. Thank you very much.

William Wildblood said...

Thank you John. I should just add to those who might be interested in getting this book or the two in the same vein that followed that I could not give them an unqualified recommendation. They are full of interesting things but, like any channeled writings, they do need to be read with discrimination. I would not go along with everything in them by any means but I do think they contain much truth if you remember that you are reading what is probably to some extent an interpretation by the channeler.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks for your comment, mieke. How strange that the pdf doesn't include this chapter. I can't see why they would have done that. The prophecy may not have come true so far but then prophecies don't work by clockwork. The elements it contains are all still operative.

I know that the people behind Ramala got involved with the Sai Baba cult which was a spiritual error on their part. Perhaps that affected their judgement in other matters.