Monday 6 February 2017

What are the forces at work in the Zeitgeist?

(Even the word 'force' is a prejudgment!)

It is so much against the spirit of this age, that I find it very difficult really to interpret things by my belief that this is ultimately a world of conscious beings - and not a world of abstract forces.

At the top of everything is the intention of God - but it seems clear that there are a multitude of other conscious beings - some incarnate, others not; with varying degrees of consciousness and agency; and some are allied with God's plans while other are pursuing their own agendas - or have banded together to pursue another agenda.

This seems to be a world in which it is difficult to learn and progress towards divinity; and a world in which conflict is sometimes a necessity (and in which there are no guarantees of success).

I feel that the divine intention is that Albion should awaken from his slumbering nightmare sleepwalk to self-damnation and death; and I am sure that making this kind of thing happen (or making it possible) is way too complicated for me to understand and that the most important factors are imperceptible.

Yet, for all the unknowns and uncertainties, the ultimate situation is one of conscious beings in cooperation and in conflict and in pursuit of agendas and so should not be impossible to discover.

The difficulty is not that such things can't be known; but that they are the kind of thing which modern people such as myself have great difficulty in discovering due to our trained blindness and insensitivity, and large capacity for wishful thinking, self-deception and despair...

Apart from that, it should be easy!

It used to be called the Zeitgeist, and it is a real thing - as real and significant as the morale of an infantry unit in frontline warfare.

I get peeks, hear snatches and feel hunches concerning the spirit of this time; but I really would love to know more about what is going-on unseen, unheard and imperceptibly.

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William Wildblood said...

It’s really very hard to divine the way forward. There are so many contradictory impulses all vying for attention. The political landscape now is a complete mess with, as I see it, corruptions of truth and love both pushing for primacy but each leaving out too much of the other to be any use at all. There is increasing anger and hatred and it does all seem to be being stirred up by demonic forces for their own ends. One is tempted just to go and ‘cultivate one’s garden’!

And yet I think God does have a purpose which will begin to become apparent if we watch and pray. Jesus did say that wickedness would multiply but that he who endured to the end (in faithfulness, I assume) would be saved. So maybe that’s all we have to do. Hold fast to the truth within and not become caught up in the world as it burns or appears to.

I’ve always wondered what the abomination of desolation might be though. It seems to be a clue to something important.