Sunday 16 July 2017

The Overturning of the Natural Order

The Western world is being destroyed by the overturning of the natural order. This is being achieved by such linked phenomena as atheism, materialism, feminism, mass immigration, blurring of sexual difference, erosion of quality and value and denial of transcendence. To those who can see beneath the surface this is clearly being masterminded by supernatural powers but it is eagerly embraced by many people who seek power for themselves or destruction of the traditional Good. These people are often motivated by hatred and resentment but hide that behind fine sounding slogans to do with freedom, equality, love and the like. Unfortunately none of these have any true meaning if they are not seen as part of a world ruled by God. That is, they cannot stand alone. They need to be embedded in and derived from something beyond them to be real. Otherwise they become caricatures of themselves, worldly imitations of spiritual realities.

So this ongoing destruction is initiated by unseen powers and put into operation by their earthly followers who respond to what you might call dark inspiration usually because of a perverted will based on a rebellion against perceived authority. But it is also acquiesced to by many people who have no firm roots in anything themselves but who go along with whichever way the wind blows for the sake of an easy life and a share of whatever earthly goods might be on offer. The reluctance to give up the perceived benefits of the sexual revolution is another important factor. Where young people are concerned there is also the matter of a naive idealism which is a more developed form of the "It's not fair" complaint of a child, and which leads them, often with the best of motivations, to join in the overturning of traditional structures with no idea of the real consequences of what they are doing.

The fundamental problem is this.  The West is going along with, even instigating, its own destruction because of self-hatred on the one hand and loss of confidence and general lack of concern with what is right on the other. This clearly shows a culture that has come to the end of its time and a conclusion might be that the West is dying and there is not much point in trying to resist that.

But I don't agree. Yes, it may well be dying and we should not expect any sudden resurrection but that is no reason to go quietly. We should not meekly accept this destruction but stand against it, not with the hope of preventing it but with the aim of providing a beacon to all those being dragged down who might be desperately searching for some kind of light in the darkness that surrounds them.

The West was (not exclusively but largely) formed by Christianity. Its rejection of Christianity has left it spiritually high and dry and that has been taken advantage of by, I have to say, forces of evil who seek spiritual destruction.  Hence the situation we have today with all the anti-spiritual ideologies we are surrounded by which can only lead us to a kind of nihilism. These ideologies can be grouped together under the broad umbrella term of 'the left', the real agenda of which has always been the destruction of religion though it is happy to have tamed versions of religion existing if these have adopted its core principles over and above their spiritual aspect which is now seen in the light of those principles. Thus many versions of Christianity have been 'liberalised' and today would not be able to make such standard traditional statements as the expression of homosexuality is a spiritual error, woman should be the helpmate of man rather than his equal in all things (meaning equal in terms of function not worth) and mass immigration destroys the spiritual cohesion of a nation, without being described (and mocked) as 'extremist'.

The great difficulty for a traditional conservative thinker nowadays is this. We live in an age that worships reason and thinks it is the highest faculty we have. A spiritual person knows that is nonsense but cannot prove it to someone who cannot see it because that person lacks, or denies themselves, the wherewithal to do so. I personally believe this is often a matter of will not intellect which compounds the problem. The materialist wants to believe what he does thus doing the very thing he accuses the religious person of doing, a common phenomenon.

So many things are known, by common sense, instinct, intuition, faith, tradition, call it what you will, that cannot be rationally proved because reason belongs to the material as opposed to the spiritual world. It is phenomenally based and cannot go unaided beyond that. It stops at the doorway to spiritual reality. And this is why the traditional right is always on the back foot against the left. The left is a rationally constructed ideology. It has no basis in truth, in what fundamentally is, but it is reasonable, logical and even right according to the materialistic parameters it has set up and in which it operates. Any version of the right that accepts those parameters, and most seem to today, has lost the battle before it starts. If those parameters apply then there is no rational argument against the left. Of course they don't apply, and reality is reality so there is always an argument against them but it is intuitive and founded on spiritual truth. You can't prove it or even argue it within the limitations of the world the left has constructed for itself.

Therefore I say that if Albion (or anywhere else) is to awaken from its current spiritual stupor it must reject reason. Don't be alarmed. I'm not suggesting a retreat to irrational behaviour. I am saying that it must reject the pre-eminence of reason. It must go beyond reason to imagination and inner vision. It must see that the square of this world doesn't exist by itself but is an expression of the cube of a higher one. At the very least it must return to common sense and instinct and an appreciation of the natural order. If we can't reach the spiritual just yet then at least let us recover the natural. The rational is no place to be.

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John Fitzgerald said...

A devastatingly accurate critique. Searing stuff. Well done.