Tuesday 27 March 2018

Why are there no good leaders, and only bad leaders, in modern Albion?

I believe that we need to have confidence that events are extremely malleable to Divine Influences - such that God can arrange matters so Real Life provides the experiences we personally need to learn-from - and when these recur it is because we have not yet learned.

By Real Life I means your life and my life, specifically - I am not talking about people you know about only by Hearsay... from the mass media, reading books, seeing movies or whatever.

Here and now we in Albion live in a world without good leaders, and no good leaders are even 'on offer'. We must assume that if leaders were going to be helpful, then we would have them - at the least we would be given the opportunity to choose good leaders.

God can do this! God has done it often in the past when the right person has emerged at the right time and done the right things - but God is not currently doing it.

As all our major leaders are incompetent, corrupt, indeed active agents of evil; then we should assume that this situation contains a lesson we need to learn and have not learned.


William Wildblood said...

Because we don't deserve them and wouldn't follow them even if they appeared as they would require some level of sacrifice and adjustment of our blinkered world view which we are not able to make. Also because democracy tends to encourage the mediocre. Also because we have been educated to think each one of us as good as anyone else which is a climate in which greatness cannot thrive. Also because greatness requires a more masculine background to society than our feminised world currently allows. I will be reminded that there have been great feminine leaders and so there have but they have been few and far between and they have arisen in a masculine world by which I mean a world in which the masculine virtues are admired and allowed to express themselves.

Those are my opinions anyway.

John Venlet said...

Mr. Wildblood is on the right track when he says we "wouldn't follow them..."

Historically, especially when one considers the scriptures of the Old Testament, individuals rarely followed or emulated good leaders, and even the "good" OT leaders often led their people astray, consider Solomon and the many temples he built for his foreign wives/concubines. Poor/rotten leaders are simply a fact we have to contend with in the world as it currently exists.

The leader the world needs to follow is Creator God, the I Am.

In my opinion those who actively seek leadership roles in the realm of government politics are not seeking these roles to lead, but only to accumulate power. This does not mean, though, that our Creator God is not using them to continue His plan in the ultimate leadership role.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - I agree with what you say; but despite all this God Would send us good leaders If he thought it would do us Good.

Thinking further along these lines I remembered a very striking set of refelections by Fr Seraphim Rose - an Eastern Orthodox monk in the USA who had known a wonder working modern Saint ( https://orthodoxwiki.org/John_(Maximovitch)_the_Wonderworker ).

Writing about a decade after St John's death in the mid 1970s or thereabouts, Fr Seraphim was absolutely clear that the era of true Spiritual Fathers was ended - the tradition had been broken. He said that there had been Saintly Men (including women, of course) whose spiritual guidance could absolutely be trusted and who therefore ought to be obeyed even without comprehension.

But now there were none: none at all.

And that therefore now even the best Christians (he meant mainly Orthodox monks and nuns of the highest holiness) should be regarded as *teachers*, and as such their guidance should always be tested by careful discernment.

From the Orthodox persepctive this was because the Russian Revolution, including the execution of the Tsar (Holy Father of the Nation) and his family, and murder of nearly all bishops, monks, nuns and priests; severed the link to the Byzantine lineage (Moscow being self-recognised as the third Rome, after Constaninople, via the Princess Sophia - niece of the last Emeror of Constantinople). And we are therefore now in the End Times.

My own perspective is somewhat different, but I agree that the old dispensation has been cut-off, what Was possible is no longer possible (neither would it be desirable in my view - but anyway it is not possible). And I would broadly interpret the general loss of Christian leadership as a part of the same phenomenon.

God is taking into account even our sins to encourage us to do what he most wants us to do - which is to progress towards divinity, considered not only morally but also in terms of divine modes of consciousness which are far more autonomous and free (agent, inner directed) than anything in the past.

Lack of Christian leadership puts this to us in the starkest possible way - either we become and stay Christian, and grow in consciousness *from our own inner resources*, or else we Will become corrupted, and sooner or later Choose to join the dark side.

I see this around me everywhere and incrementally... Church membership and obedience is no defence, and has indeed become a weakness to be exploited by the demonic forces.

As I said, the choice is stark.

William Wildblood said...

I suppose that each person has to be his own leader in these times. We cannot rely on anyone or anything external so we have to rely on ourselves.

Anonymous said...

To lead one must be aware, but to be aware implies being awake, and at best arrived through reflection. I fear too many are obsessing the cave's shadows, missing the source: the illuminating light.

Sean Cory said...

I have never believed in the literal antichrist of John's revelation. But if ever the stage was being set for just such a person it is now. There are no leaders on the scene because a stark contrast must be set in order to induce even the very elect to flock to the standard of one who will promise the world peace, order, tranquility and abundance in return for total obedience, even worship.

We have already seen on a relatively small and localized scale the fervor and fanaticism such men can instill in large numbers of people. Imagine such a man with access to a media that can reach every corner of the world in an instant and that create an aura of grandeur and glamor around even the most mundane and even inferior persons.

All of this I can see not as possible but probable at this point. The people are to be made so insecure, confused, fearful and uprooted as to be thirsting for leadership as a man dying in the desert thirsts for water. At the proper moment that leader will appear to huge media fanfare. That is when the danger will become tangible and real and the real test will be administered.

Those who come to Christ through their own insight and intuition and who come to understand their utter reliance on Him for real salvation and progression toward our Father will stand outside the masses that will fall adoringly at the feet of the great leader to be presented. They will be apart and condemned as heretic and apostate (divisive, bigoted and evil) and will be pursued and persecuted for daring to refuse to bend the knee to the new messiah.

Unknown said...

Well said, William Wildblood. Outstanding women thrive in a masculine culture and are not held back.As you say, it's the democracy thing that has messed with a lovely balance and dynamic of men and women.

From a feminine perspective, it's comforting to know men-not boys in men's bodies-but the real deal are around. Women have alway had their own sphere, that place that they were in charge of. It went beyond housewifery.

The feminists have lied, lied, lied about our history. Not to worry. I do my part in pointing out the vicious fallacies perpetrated by the Furies.