Sunday 22 April 2018

A congenial spirit - the work of Stephen Hayes

I have just discovered the work of an English writer Stephen F Hayes who may be of interest to readers of this blog. Here is an excerpt from the introduction to a book of essays called Three Men in a Hut (2012, from Kindle for just 99 pence!):

The broadly Judaeo-Christian social, moral and economic consensus, based on a historical understanding of the message revealed and demonstrated by Jesus Christ, served us well for centuries. It was never perfectly realised, but it was at least a base line. 

We are ripping it up and replacing it with a mix of crypto-Marxist bureaucracy, vacuous and unexamined 'spirituality', denial of history, a cult of self-gratification, a creeping tyranny of received and officially approved thought causing a progressive loss of free speech, and a fantasy economy based on unearned rights without duties, an unreal expectation of perpetual growth, cheap oil and debt. 

In my opinion, this house of cards is about to come crashing down.

You cannot build a life, a family, a community or a nation on lies, frivolity... and unrepayable debt...

Settling the question 'Who is Jesus?' beyond reasonable doubt - and acting accordingly - matters more than population growth, climate change, politicians' expenses, bankers' bonuses, the numbing weight of our still-growing national debt, interest rates, the 2012 Olympic Games, the new Coldplay album..., the credit crunch, war, my daughter's wedding, the 'Occupy' protests, the Higgs boson, mental health problems and sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, the massive new aircraft carrier China is building, and everything else...

Hayes has pursued his ideas in an extremely interesting and wide-ranging dystopian novel called Darwin's Adders: a chronicle of pagan England (2012, Kindle, 99p) - which has many elements reminiscent of That Hideous Strength.

Indeed, Hayes has a blog about CS Lewis, which is well worth reading; and it was Lewis (especially the fiction) who was decisive in his becoming an adult convert to Christianity.

Stephen Hayes has an unusual biography - he qualified as a doctor a few years before I did; but currently focuses on growing apples - and has a vlog about the trials of running an orchard.

In sum - SFH does a great deal towards awakening Albion!...

Take a look around his work, why not?

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John Fitzgerald said...

Thanks Bruce. Looks like an excellent body of work.