Thursday 16 August 2018

You are too late - I told you so

I'm not one to say 'I told you so' - But I told you so.

Even before I was a Christian, and very actively from about 30-15 years ago I used to be active (in journalism, in professional 'politics', giving lectures etc) against all these trends for New Leftism (identity politics), Political Correctness, Bureaucracy - the politicisation of science, medicine, academic, education.

I was at that time just arguing from (what was then) 'common sense' - on the usual mainstream assumption that 'we wanted' a prosperous, comfortable, efficient, effective materialistic society; and pointing-out that that was precisely what we were incrementally destroying by the prevalent ideology. 

(This is a matter of public record, which can be inspected by anyone interested-enough; much of it is available or referenced at ).

I was active then because I realised that then was the last time such measure might be effective - and could be undertaken without much risk of any serious adverse sanctions.

When that time was passed, when it was too late, I stopped politicking and polemicking...

Now it is too late for 'normal politics' to stand much or any chance - and the obedient drones, the dishonest and careerist, the timid and unprincipled are far more numerous and more powerful - and even more fearful and compliant.

Of course, now that it is too late; the alternative media are full of people (most of these would-be thought-leaders and culture warriors themselves cringing behind net-anonymity!) calling for active resistance Now - but now there is almost nobody able (and even fewer willing) to resist. I don't object to the handful or relatively-uncorrupted trying - it is not ruled-out as absolutely impossible; but I don't believe they will achieve anything - because now it's too late, now they are too few.

That's what being too late means.

That is why I now address individuals not groups, and why I emphasise the absolute priority and necessity for spiritual awakening - before anything good can come-about. Being too late also means that we ('the people') are now our-selves too corrupt to be able to rely on socio-political pressures to 'implement' our will: it is now our will that is corrupt.

That perverted will must be fixed - or political changes will only make things worse, but worse in a different way.

We missed the boat; we did not act when it could have been effective; we need to take that on board and act accordingly.

And, in a way, it is better that it be so - because, when our fundamental metaphysical assumptions have been so very wrong for such a long time; all the 'fixes' I used to ask for (15-30 years ago) would never have done more than delay the inevitable. The underlying errors were still in-place.

However, it is significant that we did not even try to correct the obvious problems; instead - as a society - The West embraced its own destruction some decades ago, and we are currently well en route.

But from where we are now; our assumptions will necessarily be the proper ones, and our actions will be properly motivated.


Sean said...

There are no obsolete weapons. Only obsolete tactics. I was aware of the ineffectiveness of the usual methods as far back as 1980. I saw people I thought I knew practically succumb to apoplexy when Reagan became President, and when I asked them why, they, none of them, could explain why. That's when I knew the bloodthirsty left was ascendant, and would be, until successful or meeting their Donnybrook. I couldn't find anyone with the courage to stand for what is right, and against wrong, even then. But please, you are also a man of imagination, what is to be done now, now that we find ourselves cornered in a cave by a grizzly bear? I don't expect easy answers or solutions, but even as I type this, I have my own answer. Part of it has to do with not talking anymore.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Sean - That's the *main* topic of this blog and my 'Notions' one.

robert orians said...

The end of days is preceded by a one world economic system and gubmint . All is going as it was planned . Suffering and persecution will perfect His bride . Fasten your seatbelts . Build up that most holy faith .

Stephen J Carter said...

For me it was watching the over-the-top reaction in Australia and NZ to the recent Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern speaking tour there, both Canadian conservatives -- that's what hit home for me. In Aust/NZ for weeks daily violent protests, daily hit pieces in all newspapers, & network TV channels. Their talks in Australia violently protested, and in NZ delayed, rescheduled, libelled, and finally preemptively shut down. So it's not some unique US lefty hysteria. It's the same hysteria in Aust/NZ, Canada, UK & Europe, all over. Something old, oppressive, & violent is dying, something new, liberating, & truly 'tolerant' is being born.

Bruce Charlton said...

@SJC - Yes, the strategic global coordination ought to be obvious to the meanest intelligence - yet of course all enlightened folk know that that *cannot* be so, because it is crazy-evil 'conspiracy theory' talk.

At another level, this suppression of mildly right-of-centre secular liberals such as those you mention and Jordan Peterson (in a world where the mainstream entre is *way* to the left) is well publicised only because there are No genuinely 'alternative' religious, Christians in the public eye; no Real Christian public intellectuals with enough public support to have well subscribed YouTube Channels, sell lots of books, or do big international or national lecture tours.

These Canadians (or Milo Y) are merely proposing a more sensible and efficient kind of mainstream materialist Leftism - yet they are heaped with vitriol and crushed. (The same has been going on in evolutionary psychology for ages.) This is a clear signal of the insanity of evil inversion which is required of us now.

Yet still most people don't object!

Too late, too late...