Tuesday 23 October 2018

Brexit minus Albion Awakening equals Fear-Resentment-Evil

It is clear, from reading newspaper headlines at the supermarket, that the Brexit process is in a phase of contrived political theatre, staged for the benefit of the gullible masses. But what is the strategy behind the Brexit pseudo-crisis: what is intended by those directing the play?

Immediately after the Brexit vote, for just a few days, there was the possibility (the danger - for the global Establishment conspiracy of demonic servants) that Brexit was about to become a righteous conflict, a showdown between two sides that (very broadly, very approximately) represented Good and Evil, God and the Adversary - with Brexit and Remain approximating for these. There was a 'danger' that Brexit might encourage and energise the ordinary, decent, middling people - and even that it might lead to a spiritual and Christian re-awakening...

Righteous conflict is Good, because necessary for Good: it is, indeed, what we most need, everywhere in this world. But the people of Britain failed this test, and soon allowed themselves to become re-absorbed into the fake conflict of mainstream politics - the same old faces; and mainstream politics has only one side in terms of ultimate objectives - and that side is evil in its various manifestations.

Because the people behind the current Punch-and-Judy show in the mass media do Not want a clear resolution to Brexit, either way. Although they certainly prefer Remain to Brexit; they want even more to have the UK (and everywhere else) locked-into a perpetual state of incrementally-escalating fear and resentment - because that is precisely the Hellish hope.

This plan seems to have gone perfectly: the Brexiteers feel cheated, because they have been cheated by being offered a fake Brexit-in-name-only which fails to include the prime reasons for Brexit - just like the EU but worse.

While the Remainers have developed their already-existing paranoid spitefulenss, and now hate and fear the tens of millions of Brexiteers even more than they did before. Because they now realise that the Brexit-people comprise a majority of the country that the Remainers pretend to rule, and that therefore their 'democratic' legitimacy lies in shreds. Yet, of course, the Remain elite cling to their power, with the increasingly obvious sham-excuse of protecting from 'racism' the newly arrived ten million-plus population of resident migrants whom they have invited to live in Britain - to live, that is, at the expense of the Brexiteers.

So Brexit has been shaped-into a win-win scenario for the powers of evil; and indeed this outcome was inevitable for so long as Britain remained a secular society that believes only in hedonic materialism.

Unless or until this spiritual fact changes, all political change and all stasis will continue to be turned to harm.

How could it be otherwise?

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Tobias said...

This blog made me think of something by Valentine Tomberg. At the risk of offending a rule that long quotes are not the usual thing, I offer this one because it seems to me peculiarly apposite, and I am pretty certain it will seem so to other readers of this blog.

“… Abraham was commanded to wander over the land in order to mark out a region that should belong to his descendants. Thus his wanderings assumed the significance of an appropriation for the future. Abraham must see the land that is to belong to Israel. He must absorb it into his consciousness. His astral body must collaborate with the auric configuration of the land. Once this is done, he has assumed possession of it. For the true, not merely the outer, possession of a country takes place gradually. First, a definite astral purport impregnates the astral being of the land; as the second step, that astral impregnation descends into the etheric forces of the land so that, finally, it manifests on the physical plane. When the third stage is reached, we have defined a region where a specific karmic community can accomplish its mission unhindered. In other words, its members will have come into possession of a ‘promised land.’

In this way, guiding spirits prepare special places and regions for specific purposes. First, an astral covering embraces a certain place, which then becomes etheric so that it will be populated eventually by physical human beings. Spiritual centres thus sprang up in human history. But we must not confuse the centre with its inhabitants. We must never forget that it is the place that is consecrated, not those who assemble there. The duty of the people is to work in harmony with the intent of the consecrated place. Whether they fulfill that duty depends on human free will. One strict law, however, functions objectively in the consecrated place; such a place takes revenge on those who are unfaithful to its spirit. Even in a relatively short time, the dogmatism that manifests in a place designated for spiritual life leads to astral indolence; when the spirit of compromise is thus admitted, it leads to reverses that make it impossible for those particular people to carry on the work in that place. The hallowed place overthrows and drives out all who are unworthy of it.”

Christ and Sophia – Anthroposophic Meditations – Valentine Tomberg


Bruce Charlton said...

@T - I certainly respect Tomberg, and have read the book you cite... well, I looked at the words, anyway; although I didn't really *read* all of it.

Tomberg was a genuine visionary; but he is on a completely different wavelength from me; and I feel he was implicitly trying to go back to a medieval ('intellectual soul') way of thinking/ living/ being - which I regard as an impossibility as well as not-our-destiny.

But it is a noble dream, and Tomberg is well worth looking-at.