Saturday 2 February 2019

More Brexit

EU remainers like to point to a common European culture, one represented by Dante, Shakespeare, Goethe and the like, and claim that leavers are rejecting this noble heritage for an insular little Britain attitude. Maybe some people are like that, maybe even a lot are since it can't be denied that the attitude exists and leave voters are a mixed bunch which is probably both their strength (in that they won) and their weakness (in that they may not have that much common ground). But the point is the EU is not Europe. Its long term purpose is and always has been to create a Federal Republic of Europe with all power centralised in a heavily bureaucratic transnational body while national parliaments exist merely as administrative branch offices, little better than local government.

The EU is fundamentally materialistic which is shown by two things, one obvious and one symbolic. The real unifying force of Europe was Christianity, a shared spiritual identity and transcendental belief. A religion.That is not part of modern EU ideology at all since it is based on Enlightenment values which, it could be reasonably said, actually trashed many real traditional European beliefs. I am not rejecting the Enlightenment which was a valuable, indeed essential, step forward, but it should have been built on religion not used to push the latter aside which is what happened, and is the attitude behind EU ideology. After all, most of the great men of European history were not only believers in God but that belief inspired their work.

To my mind, the EU flag reveals something fundamental about the project. It has no centre. And that means it has no heart. This is precisely because the EU is an atheist project. It likes to pretend it stands for intelligence and culture but what sort of intelligence and what sort of culture? I would say that it is actually a technocrat's dream and what is the important thing for technocrats? It is efficiency. A technocratic society must be one that is highly ordered and tightly controlled to bring about maximum efficiency. It has no place for anything that cannot be measured. Outwardly humanitarian, it actually rejects much of what it really means to be human because its concept of humanity is a shrivelled little thing without a soul.

Now, I know that most people who voted to leave the EU were unlikely to have framed their reasons in this way. They were concerned about mass immigration and its effects on their jobs, schools, housing etc. Or they didn't like being told what to do by foreigners. Or sundry other reasons. But perhaps in many cases behind these tangible outer reasons there was a sense that this country was slipping away from them, and they were deeply uncomfortable with that. Their identity was being stripped away. The EU offers nothing in this regard because it has no identity of its own. It is a hollow thing whose purpose is only functional. But man cannot live by bread alone.


Bruce Charlton said...

@William - I agree that it is just absurd to claim that the EU is responsible for the great European cultural achievements of an era that ended long before the EU. Since the EU project began, the achievents have been pitiful by comparison with the centuries beforehand!

But it is just plain dishonest - nobody can really believe such nonsense.

I don't, however, regard the 'technocratic' argument as accurate nowadays - not since the EU have made mass, unlimited inward third-world immigration their number one policy priority: the one matter upon which the leadership refuse to compromise. This is purely destructive to any technocratic ideals.

It also will without question, and rapidly, destroy all trace of European culture.

What it does support is the totalitarian agenda, since the resulting escalating terrorism and violent crime provides an almost irresistable rationale for ever-more surveillance and control. For instance, London's new status as the terror, murder and stabbing capital or this hemisphere is entirely due to mass immigration - yet the Establishment blames *knives*!

This is not the behaviour of rationalistic, cool, expert technocrats; but of deeply evil liars and villains. I suppose they reason that if knives are the root problem, then everyone with a knife (i.e. everyone) will be treated as a criminal.

What the EU really does seem to be, is a cosmopolitan alliance of the national elites - and their hangers-on and dupes, against the mass of people in their countries... people who are so numbed by atheism, hedonism and dis-couragement as to be unable to resist even the most obvious repressive policies.

Brexit is a spark of hope - but only hope; not optimism. The spark of hope will become optimism only if it ignites a fire of Christian renewal.

William Wildblood said...

I take your point, Bruce, and see what you mean about mass immigration from the 3rd world being hostile to a technocracy. But that's mostly the leaders and politicians, isn't it? When I talk to individual remain voters, it's often those who like the idea of a technocracy who make up their numbers. I link this with their materialism. But, yes, there is definitely something more going on behind the scenes.

Mind you, immigration has also been used to try to erode national identity so that being British (or whatever it might be) only means residing in that country now and the past is totally consigned to dead history.

You also confirm my feeling that Brexit or no Brexit is an irrelevancy without a spiritual and specifically Christian reveal.

Harry J said...

I suspect there's a great deal more to the EU than a technocratic bureaucracy. The 'unfinished tower' that is its Strasbourg headquarters is a mere hint of its occult underpinnings. Interestingly the EU flag was designed by Arsène Heitz. He later claimed 'that his inspiration had been the crown of twelve stars of the Woman of the Apocalypse, often found in Marian iconography'.

Attempts have been made to discredit this idea but the fact the flag was officially adopted on the 8th December 1955, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, proves otherwise.

Bruce Charlton said...

@HJ - While I don't try to unpack occult symbolism, I believe that the totalitarian EU project is literally demonic at a strategic level. I presume that the increasingly obvious evil-worshipping aspects of leading Establishment globalists and bureaucrats comes (one way or another, whether directly or otherwise, whether intended or unconsciously) from their close contact with demons.

William Wildblood said...

Harry J, I didn't know that about the flag but it rather confirms my feeling about it as it's common practice for evil to co-opt and subvert the symbology of good. See the swastika and even the black mass for extreme cases.
But my point still stands regarding the emptiness at its heart.