Friday 19 August 2016

Synchronicities of 2015 - what led me to sense Albion Awakening

There seem to have been three authors in 2015 that triggered my awareness of the phenomenon of Albion Awakening - the potential for a spiritual Christian rebirth of England.

The first reading the fiction Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susnna Clarke (2004) - this has a tremendous impact on me; as well as finding it vastly enjoyable, it also struyck me as deeply true and relevant.

A few weeks later I read The Fellowship by Philip and Carol Zaleski - a group biography of the Inklings, that opened-up for me the mind and work of Owen Barfield - with whom I had struggled for many years. Barfield seems to me the most relevant of all philosophers for understanding the nature of the failures of the past and the task before us.

Then I came across the work of Jeremy Naydler -

Whose current work focuses on the contemporary theme of how computers and the communications revolution are affecting human cognition, feeling, consciousness.

These three authors served to focus or crystallise a very long term concern with the destiny of England than has been building ever since.

A further boost came very recently, with the Referendum decision for Britain - and specifically England and Wales - to leave the European Union; which I interpret to be evidence of the desire for potential for a radical spiritual renewal: 

On the night of 23 June 2016, at about 11pm, after the referendum polls has closed, there was an extraordinary and unusual silence.

I live near to the centre of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, and usually - at night - there is a lot of traffic noise, sirens, shouting and whatnot; especially in a balmy night like last night, when the bedroom windows were wide-open. I had forgotten that it was the referendum day (not having taken part) and commented on the eerie silence to my wife - who reminded me what had just happened.

It really felt exactly like the country was holding its breath - poised on the crux of a decision.

So, now we know the decision. But not what will happen next. The hatred of the English leadership class for the mass of English people and for the country was absolutely crystal-clear during the referendum campaign - so now everybody knows exactly where they stand.

Clearly the referendum triggered a pause and some greater-than-usual degree of thought around the UK - an unfamiliar situation. The immediate question is whether members of the Ruling Establishment have also been part of this reflection, and whether any or many will take a step-back from the mood of self-hatred and strategy of suicide which (with the EU) they have driven for the past 50 years. This may turn-out to be an inflexion-point when the down-trend towards self-annihilation takes a sharp up-tick.

Or, we may find that the Establishment are so deeply corrupted that they will engage in a hate-fuelled fit of destructive pique.

Either way, things have now 'come to a point' as CS Lewis put I (in That Hideous Strength) - the issues are becoming very clear, the sides are very distinct.

The next few days, weeks and months will be crucial... My hope is that this blog will be an encouragement - a filling with courage and will - to undergo personal awakening, which will lead inevitably to the awakening of Albion.

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