Sunday 28 August 2016

Women and the English Spirit

From The English Spirit by Doris Eveline Faulkner Jones published 1935 (edited by me):

All English Christians, and English women especially, bear a heavy weight of responsibility at this moment of time. They must feel and understand the Christ concept. Unless or until they do this, theither concept nor theory will be able to reach the will and pass directly into action. 

The will of England is paralysed because the Soul of England is asleep - sunk in lethary, dissipated in the pursuit of unimportant personal interests, blind to what is happening in the objective world. 

Let English women once awaken to a sense of duty, to a knowledge of the lofty part they must play in the life of the nation, adnd this country will be saved from the creeping death that is now destroying it daily. 

The concepts of salvation are here in the world: the men of the nation possess sufficient will-power to carry them onto the plane of external life. But these concepts have not been received with living warmth into the feelings: they have neither stirred the imagination nor the heart; for the majority of those who have accepted them have received them with a dry, abstract, logical intellect. 

Considered collectively, the women of England stand for the Soul of England; and thoughts so vast in their import that they concern the whole nation must pass through that Soul, before they can be translated into action. 

If England fails the world, at this crucial point in history, it will be through the intellectual sloth, the stultified imagination, the deadened hearts, of English women. 

End of excerpt...


Note:  Women are in a much worse spiritual state than men, because they are so deeply in thrall to the mass media and have been so profoundly manipulated away from their instincts - many or most women are living in a Stockholm Syndrome consciousness - having befriended or even fallen in love with their kidnappers and brainwashers, terrified even to think of truth and hope, oppressing theselves and each other, self made and self enforced victims.

This in turn holds men in check, since so much of what men do is orientated towards women - especially in terms of strategy.

The awakening of Albion will most likely be a product of men's ideas and men's ground work, but will not happen unless or until there is a mass change in women's understanding of their spiritual lives and aspirations. If it happens, this will be a mass effect via peer groups, and visible in normal social interactions.

For example there would need to be a massive withdrawal from mass and social media, and there would be very clear changes away from mass enslavement to fashion and manipulation of ethics.

This won't be subtle, and would certainly be mocked and vilified by the media and officialdom -- by the Establishment. If women resist the ideological counter attack, then things could get better very quickly.


Lost Pilgrim said...

They are the weaker vessel yet God has taught us that the fragility can be part of that beauty and a source of inspiration.

If Joan of Arc had been a man she would be a footnote in history. It is because she was a woman that she is remembered and admired. Not just because of what she did but because she was that fragile vase in the role that would make a hardened man blanch.

Bruce Charlton said...

@LP - I don't agree with a *general* characterisation of women as 'the weaker vessel' - My understanding is that women and men are complementary all the way down to the ultimate metaphysical level. In other words, it is a man and a woman *as a dyad* that constitute the single and whole Man (or 'human being'). All people are ultimately either a man or a woman, from eternity to eternity - and it is the final step of deification/ theosis when the two are combined permanently - while remaining separate selves - as primary creators. (This is the Mormon Christian theology, in summary.)