Saturday 27 August 2016

What causes awakening? Metaphors from physics and biology (vibration/ frequency or angelic entities)

In conceptualising something like a personal or national awakening of a spiritual kind, there seems to be a necessity for metaphor in conceptualising the phenomenon.

Many of the authors I read, and have benefited from, talk of spiritual awakening in terms of physics metaphors. The most popular seems to be the idea of vibrations, sometimes frequency. The idea is that rapid vibrations or high frequency is good, low/ slow is evil.

Rapid vibrations, high frequencies are how spiritual awakening is stimulated. But people can choose, or get into habits of, tuning-into low frequency influences - which are evil in intent. So the spiritual war between good and evil is conceptualised in terms of fast or slow vibrations, good and evil influences - and human beings as analogous to radio receivers, suffused by all frequencies but only tuned-into one or a few of them.

So awakening is a matter of deities increasing the high frequency vibrations, and the human agency (free will) is about tuning into the high rather than the low. Evil influences are trying to induce people to choose to tune-into the low frequencies - and when the frequencies match, then control is established.

A different way of explaining this kind phenomenon is to regard the influences as personal - angels and demons (fallen angels) - conceptualised as spiritual beings of great power that intervene in the world in multiple ways.

A new era of awakening is then explained in terms of a new angelic being being given responsibility - for example St Michael becoming the angel ruling over God's plan for the earth and Men, taking over from someone else.

Such a view regards angels as distinct personalities, with distinctive minds, dispositions, abilities, powers - each unique - and being given divinely-ordained responsibility for different phases in the development of Man, and the plan for the salvation and exaltation of Men towards divinity.

Something analogous, but in the opposite direction, would be assumed to apply to evil or fallen angels or demons (e.g. the different entities named as Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub may be different personages). Their influence may likewise wax and wane, or be particularly active in one particular time, place or person. 

Whether or not an individual person 'awakens' is therefore explained in terms of personality - of alliances, cooperation and conflict with angelic or demonic personages. 

And Albion Awakening might be thought of as an increase in high frequency vibrations which we may or may not tune into; or the advent of new angelic rulers who we may or may not ally-with. 

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