Monday 7 November 2016

Albion awakes to the reality of the situation - the awakening does not make the evil

I hear people say they hope that the revelations of evil in high places are not true... well, in a sense that is correct. It would be better if such things did not happen and never happened...

But, really, we know they are true - in essence if not in every detail - and the distinction should therefore be about whether we are aware of them, or unaware.

Then having become aware, how we respond?

Most people in The West are secular nihilists - and therefore they have difficulty in acknowledging the reality of evil - they can only really appreciate it inarticulately at a gut level that they find hard to rationalise; therefore they are prone to deny the reality of evil or, when forced, to say that 'everybody is doing it' - we are all essentially the same... (Therefore, in a sense, evil is okay because I personally am okay and so are you...)

This is the root of the problem of uncovering evil in high places. The lives of many people are more-or-less in service to the ruling elites and their goals - and it is hard to acknowledge that one has been diligently forwarding the progress of extremely evil people. Too hard for most secular people to admit - because this leads to paralysing despair.

That is perhaps inevitable. In the short term we can only hope for demoralisation and despair as the intermediate goal; as the prevalent materialist hedonic life goals are abandoned but with no substitute - and pray that this state is brief; and that on the other side of it comes spiritual awakening.

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