Monday 7 November 2016

Pollyanna is right (or, when it comes to a spiritual awakening - God knows best)

As the United States Presidential election process continues, I am recurrently surprised by the way that (contrary to my own wishes and predictions) things keep on working-out for-the-best according to the most important criterion: the necessity for a Spiritual Awakening in The West.

(It is almost as if God knows better what is best than I do, or than any of the expert pundits do!)

Apparently bad things keep happening or not-happening - and soon after they have happened or not-happened I realise that things have worked out for the best in terms of demonstrating to the mass of ordinary people that The Establishment is corrupt to the extent of actively working for evil: working for the temporal destruction and spiritual damnation of the population of The West.

We keep being led to hope that something will happen to slow-down the decline - but after all, without a realisation of the depth of the problem and repentance of what got us here, we know for sure that that would not be enough.

Fortunately, due to their escalating state of panic (at having two generations of Progress snatched away just on the verge of their triumph) The Establishment are piling error upon error; are pushing their corruption and evil intent ever more aggressively into the faces of the ordinary people who - up to now - have been effectively bought-off and distracted by sexual 'freedoms' and mass media opiates.

The masses have been sleepwalking into their own enslavement and spiritual destruction - but now they are being shaken awake; those with eyes to see can now see - if they allow themselves to notice and join-the-dots.

It is becoming very obvious that none of the actually-existing ruling people, or parties, or institutions, or corporations are going to do anything-at-all to stop the ongoing trend towards corruption, destruction and moral & spiritual inversion. They are all neck-deep in corruption, and operate on grounds of fear, greed and expediency - not principle.

So much is now obvious.

It is indeed becoming very obvious that the current mechanisms (including 'safeguards) are the problem, and cannot be the solution; and if people want something doing to reverse things - then it will need to come from the bottom-up, and from new directions, and by new mechanisms.

At present, this has only got to the first point of a deepening cynicism about The Authorities - with no positive programme; and a domination by fear and hatred:

But this first step opens-up the possibility of the next step - which is a spiritual awakening, a positive programme based on courage and love.

Yes, things are going as well as could realistically be hoped for!

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Nathaniel said...

I pray! It is hard not to be fearful in these times. Great evils abound.