Tuesday 15 November 2016

The Lunar Perigee

I was fortunate, last night, that I took a walk at a time just before the Lunar Perigee when the moon approaches her closest to earth - and that (for a couple of minutes) the solid cloud covering parted to reveal her. Then, this morning at 05:30 I got a full and clear view as she rode down towards the horizon.

Last night I felt a fast shimmer of energy as I gazed on the moon, this morning I was dazzled.

The mass media coverage was likewise all about the physics of the event: how much bigger the moon looked, how much more light, the unusual colour...

And in New Age/ Perennial Philosophy terms - such an event would also be described spiritually in terms of an increase in the frequency, or vibrational state, or electromagnetic radiation which sleets down upon us; or about lunar information which we can and should decode (computer linked with computer, as it were)...

Yet, on reflection, all this physics is to negate and diminish the event: The real point about the lunar perigee (as about all phenomena) is consciousness and communication.

Consciousness means it is personal - the moon personal, myself personal.

Communication is intentional and purposive.

The importance is that this was a communication, with the intention to speak to each of us as an individual.

And whether we 'get it' is up to us.


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Thank you for saying "perigee" instead of "supermoon."

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

This post syncs with something of George MacDonald's I recently read:


Bruce Charlton said...

@WmJas - The moon has always divided opinion - some regard the moon as a negative, malign influence; but I have always loved the moon, and the quality of moonlight.