Wednesday 29 March 2017

Brexit trigger day - an end of the UK being the EU Establishment's premier dumping ground for people that the rest of Europe does not want?

Well, it is now nine months since the Brexit vote for Britain to leave the European Union, and at last the process has been triggered.

The fact that it took nine months shows the reluctance of the UK Establishment to leave the EU - the fact it has nonetheless (apparently) (eventually) happened shows that - well - it has happened!

Whether this is serious remains to be seen by the outcome - but the past none months have been valuable in revealing the main reason why the rest of the EU wanted Britain to remain.

It is what the Eurocrats call 'the free movement of people' but which in practice means that the UK is valued primarily as the major dumping-group for people that the rest of the EU does not want...

That the EU does not want these people is clear from their behaviour towards them. 


We need to ask why it is so very important to the EU rulers that Britain specifically should get more unwanted people sent to us (passing through Europe, in preference to the rest of Europe) than anywhere else, year after year, decade after decade...

It must surely mean that the destruction of the British nation is a major priority for the global elites?

On the face of it, there are not many grounds for hope about Britain; yet the above fact should give us pause. There must surely be something good about us that makes it so important that we are destroyed by those of malign intent?


Some of it is no doubt related to the symbolic importance of the British past. But at least something must be related to the present - or else the completion of destruction would not be necessary.

Our task, therefore, is to make Britain worth saving - and that can only mean a mass spiritual rebirth, a revival of the highest and best aspects of British life and living.

This blog is aimed at exactly such a spiritual awakening.  


William Wildblood said...

That's an encouraging thought, Bruce. It's sometimes hard to see what could be worth saving since the systematic destruction of Britain has been going on for a good 50 years but maybe Brexit shows that there is something below the surface which is more than the crude populism it is usually painted as being.

Ben Pratt said...

My parents (from the US) just spent two weeks visiting ancestral and historic sights throughout Great Britain. My one concern with them going was the possibility of an encounter with predatory non-natives in the UK. Fortunately, they met with only natives and had an outstanding time.

(In the middle of their longest drive, they passed right through your city, Bruce!)

Rule Britannia!

Bruce Charlton said...


Newcastle upon Tyne is the usual city mixture of quite a bit of lovely but (mostly) horrible - if they managed to drive across one of the bridges near the centre of the city, they might have glimpsed the rather wonderful arrangement of historic buildings rising up in levels - from Medieval through Georgian to Victorian - from the River Tyne.