Saturday 4 March 2017

Should men or women lead spiritual awakening?

This question cannot be answered by measuring public phenomena - but what we perceive is a consequence of the ultimate realities - and we can perceive that women have been targeted by the forces of evil as the sex most deeply corrupted by anti-Christianity, atheism, materialism, positivism and the modern doctrines such as the sexual revolution.

Most deeply corrupted - because most lacking in awareness of the reality; most immersed-in the corruption; most prone to advocate and support exactly that which leads to inversion of reality and values; most self-loathing, spiritually-suicidal, despairing and damnation-embracing.

Is it, then, English women who must awaken first - and lead Albion into Freedom and Light?

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William Wildblood said...

The history of Christianity implies you are right. Eve was first corrupted and salvation came through Mary's acceptance of God's will. Patterns repeat themselves and what was is a good guide to what will be, or should be anyway. But note that Mary's ability to redeem humanity depended on her accessing the depths of her true femininity so perhaps lead is not quite the right word and instigate or inspire would be better.

John Rockwell said...

God is not dependent on Mary to accomplish his purpose. Only he choosed rightly. You imply as if Almighty God is hobbled by a simple human being.

Even if Eve was the 1st corrupted. Its Adam who doomed the human race Adam could have chosen God over Eve and humanity wouldn't turn out the way it did in history.

The 2nd Adam would still exist even if Mary disobeyed God. God gives us the privilege of helping him in salvation but God is not dependent on Man to achieve his purposes.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - By 'lead' I meant "take the first step" rather than 'be a leader'.

But men and women are indeed different, and have different roles in the plan (plus, of course, every individual man and woman has a distinctive individuality and place in the scheme - although probably not all will ever fulfil their destiny because they will choose not to).

Most real leaders are men - but there are of course exceptions, like Queen Elizabeth Tudor as described in the linked post.

@John - Well, I have a different theological understanding - in particular I believe that God is absolutely dependent on men and women to attain the purpose of creation - creation is precisely that men and women may ultimately become like God, if they accept the gift and make their right choices.

William Wildblood said...

John, I was writing in the context of Bruce's post. If we're talking about spiritual awakening then that is dependent on human beings. God doesn't coerce. But if Mary had refused her destiny then presumably Jesus would have had to have been born through some other woman so the general point still stands I think.

God has given us free will so we can 'hobble' his purposes if we choose to. Most of us are doing so at the moment, don't you think?

Bookslinger said...

Who should lead the awakening of women? Who should lead the awakening of men? Who should lead men and women after they are awakened?

Would women wake up without public-figure alpha-male role models awakening first? Would academia and the media allow awake women to become (or remain) public role-models?


(Look at what has happened to women-led and feminized christian congregations: participation by men in those congregations plummeted.)


Some of the interesting stats that I've read, and they have gone unchallenged, is that Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama received significantly less than half the votes cast by male voters. In other words, it was women who elected our last three left-wing presidents.

That seems to support your "most deeply corrupted... most prone to advocate and support exactly that which leads to inversion of reality and values" claim.


Bruce Charlton said...

@Books - It would have to be the agency of many indivividual women which was the cause of awakening - I'm not talking about women responding to some kind of propaganda, but something which is a genuine act of personal choice and responsibility.

To put it another way - we each have a real self which is divine in origin (albeit incomplete and undeveloped). At present this is usally buried under layers of false personalities (inculcated by the media and society) and externally driven bad-habits -- but the awakening would come from the real self breaking-out and taking-over from the false personalities and automatic habits.

This is not caused by anything other than itself - that is what agency/ free will means.

Bookslinger said...

Yea, agency. But there needs to be a presentation or availability of options before agency can be exercised.

You and I grew up in a Christian society. Even if we were not taken to church on a weekly basis, Christianity (or generically "Judeo-Christian values") was infused into basically all of our surrounding society. That is no longer true. There has been a waning since the sexual revolution. All that seems to remain in popular culture is some hollow concept of fairness and social justice.

Given that most people are outer-directed as opposed to inner-directed, they will not go looking for spiritual awakening unless that option is presented and advocated sufficiently to gain some attention. Or as Paul wrote in Romans 10:14, "How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?"

Who will be or should be the preachers/advocates for this awakening? Who will present this option to outer-directed people so that the latter will have opportunity to exercise their agency by giving it consideration?