Monday 13 March 2017

The 3-Ds of resisting workplace totalitarianism - Denounce, Delay, Dissent

The reason why Britain has fallen to totalitarianism is, ultimately, the moral insanity consequent upon atheism.

In a nutshell, modern secular people have no underpinnings for morality - or for anything else; all is diminished to contingent matters of preference and lifestyle; and the nation has consequently drifted towards an attitude of tepid hedonic expediency - easily cowed, easily manipulated without even need for coercion... 

At first totalitarianism was resisted, but soon resistance collapsed, and now people do not even notice their own pathetic subordination.

The modern British live under multiple, linked, escalating surveillance; they are made to do, say and believe nonsense and wickedness... yet they seem indifferent, even when the motivations of leaders are regarded as malign.

A sign of spiritual and religious awakening must surely be to restore 'backbone'; to induce the British again to resist totalitarian thought control in the workplace and all domains of life.

The results of any such awakening would be widespread, and would indeed potentially involve everybody.

Especially in the workplace - because the modern workplace is objectively a totalitarian tyranny. 

Denounce: The layers of resistance will begin with verbal denunciation of increased monitoring, of 'micro-management' - because currently there is little or no objection to it.

When the latest tyrannical bureaucratic proposal is presented in a meeting, individually or as a group, there will be a storm of uncompromising criticism.

It will be assumed and explicitly stated that evil policy has evil intentions behind it; and that evil ought to be resisted - resistance of that which is wrong is a duty that transcends expediency.

People will not be 'reasonable' about the matter of their freedom - freedom is not 'negotiable'.

Delay: Objectionable policies would be diminished and made ineffectual by widespread 'foot-dragging' and tactical delaying at every level and in all directions.

There would be an end to any attitude of cheerfully shrugging the shoulders and saying - 'What's done is done, and we might as well get-on-with-it...'

Those who attempt to build their careers on the repression of their colleagues will be explicitly identified as collaborators, Quislings, traitors.

Dissent: As well as verbal argument and systematic and sustained inaction - there will be positive action taken to damage and destroy the means of totalitarianism - and to support (both personally and practically) those individuals who are scapegoated, blamed and punished for their dissent.

Every victim a martyr; every martyr a hero. 

A strategy of denounce, delay and dissent would draw the lines between those who aid and those who oppose, tyranny - Post-awakening, taking sides would be unavoidable, and the side-taken would be explicit.

This requires no organisation, it would be utterly spontaneous - it is a simple consequence of each individual person, as an individual, knowing the reality of God; that God is the creator of reality and our loving Father whom we trust; and that is the context of Life into-which politics, society and work must fit themselves.

Your life and my life comprise experiences, challenges and opportunities for growth towards greater divinity and increasing love.

Everything is significant - our every thought and act is defined by this context.

A better world starts with each of us - but doesn't end there.


William Wildblood said...

Since we take our inspiration from beyond this world could I add a 4th D? Determination. That is, determination not to be crushed,suppressed, ridiculed or defeated by earthly powers which are always, whatever their appearance of being in control, on the back foot because they are founded on lies and illusions and, on some level, they must know this.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Maybe determination comes first, and leads to the others?

The first things is for people to become aware of their situation - at present they are sleepwalking into mind-slavery - when they are not actually in favour of the survelliance culture because of some minor convenience or another.