Tuesday 19 September 2017

Albion Still Asleep

This blog is called Albion Awakening. However if we identify this idea with the notion of the majority of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom waking up to spiritual truth it's clear that Albion is not going to awaken at any time soon. We are too drugged by entertainment and the media, too brainwashed by atheist/materialist propaganda, too in thrall to technology and machines and too comfortably established in our artificial (both mental and physical) environments to wake up without being forced to by pain and suffering. That may come if we really show no sign of stirring but I’m sure the powers that be only use pain as a last resort.

But if the spirit of Albion is awakened in the country that might be a different matter. I am not interested in Brexit. The EU is obviously an organisation that pursues an anti-spiritual agenda wrapped up in a liberal, humanist package. No wonder it is so popular with the educated elite who can pursue their self-indulgent way of life without disturbance. But Brexit, if it happens, will probably lead to a situation that is little different spiritually but may be worse economically. It is a red herring. However Albion, England’s spiritual alter ego, could waken from slumber as it (he? she?) has done occasionally in the past when roused by threat or great need or some other circumstance which calls out to the depths of the national soul.

If this does happen it will be on a mental or psychological level. What form could it take? Perhaps there might be an increasing disgust with the shallow superficiality of modern entertainment and a search for deeper meaning. Perhaps there might be a rediscovery of history not viewed through the distorting, self-hating lens of political correctness. Perhaps there might be a sudden realization that we are destroying our country in both its physical and natural form and in terms of its people. Or perhaps there might be a revival of interest in the stories surrounding King Arthur and other luminaries of the British past, one that responds to the true meaning of these kings, saints, poets and heroes without distortion by modernist prejudices.  But however it comes any awakening will be sensed by us through the imagination. This is why it is the imagination that it most under attack by demonic powers through the perversion of art and culture inter alia.

One thing I can guarantee though is that any incipient awakening would immediately be attacked by those powers. What I mean by this is that the demons who are currently trying to manipulate our reality to their advantage and our great loss would try to co-opt and derail any awakening as they have done in the past. As they did in the1960s, for example, when they corrupted the nascent spiritual revival with the agenda of the sexual revolution and as they did in the 1980s when New Age ideas were channeled into psychic rather than spiritual channels. Even the green movement, which had a lot of potential at one time, was hijacked and turned aside from any true spiritual direction by a left wing ideology which effectively neutralized it. 

Whenever truth appears the attempt to corrupt that truth follows. That is why we must remain vigilant whatever happens and never rest on our spiritual laurels. The dark powers always try to drag spiritual revivals down to a lower level so that the essence of the revival is lost though the form may remain. That is why purity of mind and heart is so important. Any weak spot will be sought out and exploited, whether that be lust or pride or greed or hate or fear, whatever. It is up to us to guard against these vices within ourselves. We can protect ourselves through prayer and visualization of Jesus or a favourite saint or other spiritual ideal but it is also important to be completely honest with ourselves. The devil is a liar and he works through lies and deception. He will try to get us to lie to ourselves about our motivations for example, but if we try to walk at all times in the path of love and humility while at the same time aspiring to truth at its highest then we are well protected. 

That’s hard, I know, but it’s what we have to do if we are to prevent any awakening, either personal or more general, from fizzling out into deception and disappointment. 

God needs his foot soldiers in this world and if you are called to that position, as most people reading this blog probably are, then you are fortunate indeed even if you suffer in your worldly life as it is more than likely you will. We have been assured that any hardship here and now will be more than compensated for later on.


Bruce Charlton said...

@William - an important point. For me, the two key factors are motivation and honesty. If someone is well-motivated and honest, they can make mistakes or fall to temptations, but then find their way back onto the correct road.

On the other hand; if motivation is selfish, or if people allow themselves to be dishonest for reasons of expediency, then they will easily be corrupted. Both motivation and honesty require being *rooted*; and historically this seems to require a religious perspective - or, at least, having been brought-up in a family or society where this was the norm.

That was why the sixties counter-culture was so quickly and thouroughly subverted and corrupted - the leadership had selfish motivations, and were dishonest when it was convenient.

John Fitzgerald said...

Superb, William! I agree. I think the imagination is absolutely key. I hung my hat for years on the Temenos Academy, hoping they'd be the ones to lead us out of our current materialist maze. Over time I came to realise that they're more interested - for better or worse - in flying the flag of the esoteric in high academic circles than initiating a nationwide spiritual revival. My disappointment has had the great compensation though of freeing me up to realise that this is something we have to do ourselves, each in our own God-given way, and that we can't rely on any outside agency or group or academy to do the work for us.

I think your point about Albion's awakening taking place on the imaginative and psychological levels is a sage one. It creates a more spacious mental ambience and takes the pressure off in terms of our reaction to current events, e.g. Brexit. It opens up a broader, more long-term perspective.

It'd be terrific if a revival of interest in the country's great historical figures came about. I think there's plenty more that could be said to good purpose, for example, about Charles I and Harold Godwinson. Maybe that can be my particular role and service as a 'foot soldier of God'?

William Wildblood said...

Dear Bruce and John, your comments elucidate the post and give it some extra substance,focusing as they do on the key factors to awakening which are imagination to begin with and honest motivations to carry it on. Thank you.