Sunday 3 September 2017

False thinking, False knowledge - and a possible scenario for individual Awakening

Awakening cannot be compelled - nor is it a mass phenomenon. It is a consequence of individual freedom, it must be chosen.

What, then, could compel people - I mean individual persons - to a situation in which the choice of Awakening was stark and simple, and evasion become all-but impossible?


Due to the subversion, corruption and inversion of the mass media and all major social institutions - communication (via the senses - via visual and auditory channels) is nowadays useless.

What remains is direct knowing. In which pure thinking (of an individual) participates-in universal reality - thereby knowing other people, places, times, things... directly.

Direct knowing is an attribute of the real self... (that is the deep, true and divine self - as contrasted with the multiplicity of superficial, false selves developed for reasons of expediency, or induced by interaction with modern life).

Only the real self can have real knowledge - yet we are unstable complexes of false selves: fake selves.

Only real knowledge is valid - yet we live in a world of false knowledge: fake knowledge. Only the real thinking or our real self is true; yet we live in a world which inculcates that reality is fake, and only the fake is real.


In The West, we go further and further into the false knowledge of false selves: this is our public world; and (with mass media, social media, propaganda) our public world is more and more pervasive.

We inhabit a vast superstructure of deliberately-manufactured and elaborately-sustained falseness, irrelevance, uselessness: a fake world.

But if this fake world is not continuously sustained, imposed, fuelled, repaired; then it will collapse within the mind - and an individual will be confronted by its opposite: which is intuitive knowing.

So, awakening may come to a person when he or she is confronted by the fake knowledge of their fake selves. The two go together: the self and the knowledge. Both the self and our knowledge need to be recognised as fake simultaneously

The superficiality and evil of our times are a consequence of the fact that we are superficial people who are merely processing reality (not thinking and knowing reality); we are not thinking, but instead using processing-routines drilled-into-us by the pervasive world of mass and social media, institutions and propaganda and advertising.

Our mental processing is merely-habitual, and incoherent rather than valid. It is evil because false in knowledge - we accept false information and draw false conclusions.


In a world were communication is pervasive and addictive and fake - communication is the core of evil. The enemy of communication is direct knowing.

Our primary task is therefore to know directly; which entails to live from the primary thinking of our true selves.

We will all, sooner or later, be confronted by this reality: confronted but not compelled - we cannot be compelled to reject the fake and embrace the truth.

But we can be compelled to make the choice in a situation of maximum clarity about the issue at stake; that issue being the salvation of our souls.

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