Tuesday 16 January 2018

Christ is the Doorway to Eternal Life

Everyone comes to spirituality from a slightly different perspective, reflecting their life conditions, personal inclinations, experiences, upbringing, culture etc. So we will all have a slightly different take on it. That's only to be expected and more of a good thing than a bad since it prevents petrification of truth and keeps multiple expressions of it open, advantageous because no one expression can capture all of it. Nor can multiple expressions for that matter but they can incorporate different sides.

But the fact of these various spiritual perspectives and expressions cannot be taken too far. Truth is truth. There is only one truth even if it can take different forms. Moreover all truth for us human beings is centred on Christ who embodies it, who actually is it.

That is why an image that came into my head seems a viable one. It is this. 

Ignore the colour. That's not relevant. But what I thought was that human beings come at spirituality from many directions but ultimately these must all converge on Christ who is at the centre of this symbol. So the lines on the left of the X represent human beings in this world. The image only includes the outermost lines. You have to imagine multiple lines between these two representing the great variety of different people. But they all have, or should have if they are to conform to the real, a common focus which is Christ at the centre. He is the doorway through which we all must pass to gain entry to the kingdom of heaven which is on the right of the X symbol. Once through that door we may all find diverse expressions of our realisation but these all are coloured by and centred on the reality of Christ. Going through that doorway in the centre indelibly marks the soul with its quality.

You might say that, according to this symbol, Christ is not actually in heaven himself but it's only meant to be a representation of how human beings approach truth and of their access to it. It only shows Christ in his aspect of doorway to reality. And the fact that it looks a bit like the cross of St George turned to one side is coincidence. At least, I think it is.

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