Saturday 15 October 2016

Monarchy - by David Starkey

Monarchy, by David Starkey, is a recent TV series focused on the Kings and Queens of England - and cheaply available on DVD.

I recommend this series highly as being extremely informative - I have learned a tremendous amount from every episode I have watched. Of course, as with all good documentaries, there is a point of view - and it is one I don't fully agree with - but it is close enough!

The series is fairly modest compared to most - and it avoids the cult-of-personality which ruins most documentaries. Starkey is, indeed, somewhat visually awkward as a presenter - but that means we focus on the words, information, interpretation - the story he is telling.

And that story is fascinating - and at times inspiring.

Note - If you can find a version, I would also highly recommend (but with reservations) Part 1 of Border Country, a 2014 BBC documentary by Rory Stewart -- The reservations are because I suspect that the author is a member of the Global Establishment conspiracy to subvert and invert Good; and that there are evil 'messages' embedded in the mostly superb analysis and exposition... Other than that; it's great!

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