Tuesday 11 October 2016

The evil Establishment are creating a world crisis... welcome it!

As the rate of top-down destructiveness accelerates - it seems that we are being stampeded into a world crisis; initially probably a proxy US-UK-EU versus Russia-China war in the Middle East, intended to become international and planned to lead onto mass international clamouring for the stability of a totalitarian world government...

I suggest that this is an over-hasty strike, due to panic not strength - consequently we should prepare ourselves to use the provoked situation as a chance for reversing decline and corruption.

This entails close attention to the Goodness of our personal motivations; ensuring that we, as individuals, are courageous from love and faith; and not merely provoked by fear and hatred into a state of hardened pride.

Then from this position to seek to clarify, explain, persuade - but not to attempt the futile, indeed counter-productive, task of imposing our will on others.


The global conspiracy is piling-on contrived crises, apparently pushing for full-scale proxy war in the Middle East and creating divisive social chaos at home. The use of false flag operations, remote/ deniable assassins, saboteurs and thugs, and subversion by fifth columnists is becoming more blatant. The media propaganda has taken its gloves off, and moved from subtle soft- to in-your-face hard-sell.

It certainly looks like the Establishment are in a hurry to provoke a collapse of international order by whatever means necessary - presumably so that they will then be 'asked' (or allowed) to intervene by ramping-up the system of totalitarian tyranny and mind-control.

But the sheer urgency of their current activities, suggest that the conditions are probably not yet fully conducive to their success; they seem to be working faster than planned, preparing to unleash their intended knock-out blow before all their preparations have been made - before all the pieces are in place.

The increasing rate of destructive change seems just too rapid to go un-noticed and unopposed, it is indeed provoking perceptible (albeit as yet feeble) backlash for the first time in many years  - which may well imply that the Establishment are afraid of delay.

Their urgency is our opportunity. If the Establishment strike too early - before the masses of The West are fully docile to their plans, they are much less likely to succeed.

We must not therefore fear the crisis. It will come, and it should come; because the social trends are so powerfully adverse to Good and must be reversed; if crisis comes sooner then we will be better able to resist and defeat it than if it comes later.

Bring it on! Fear not. 

So - let us assume that there will be a significant backlash against the secular Liberal agenda, and as individuals we need to be psychologically and spiritually ready for it.

Because any backlash will only be Good if it is well-motivated (overall); which for a Christian means motivated by Love, backed by a spirit of creativity and courage.

If, on the other hand, the backlash is motivated by fear, hatred and resentment; then it will certainly fail to be Good; it will merely loop-back into the demonic secular Left agenda -  it will simply mean a change of personnel, and not induce the necessary reversal of direction.

For Christians (as usual, as always) it is motivation, motivation, motivation that matters. And in the end motivation cannot be imposed but only inspired, cannot be from-without but only from-within.

(Who better to monitor and correct our own motivations than our-selves? Only then may we have the discernment to do the same for others.) 

What can be helpful to other people, crucially so, is to clarify the issues and choices - and maybe that is where we can each make a significant contribution.

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William Wildblood said...

A very perceptive analysis, Bruce. The conclusion is that both sides in the cultural and political wars are susceptible to corruption by the powers behind the scenes and it doesn't matter which side we support if we allow our hearts to be infected by anger, pride or hatred. One may be worse than the other but the solution is not to be found horizontally in one or the other. It is only by going vertically, transcending the warring factions, to God that we can find an answer to the problems of today. But this doesn't just mean invoking religion as justification for political aims and goals. It means putting true God-centred religion right at the heart of life and everything else springing from that.

As for the coming crisis I believe you are right to say that it is being precipitated and that this means the fundamentally evil motives of the manipulators of reality will be more plainly visible. That's good thing as their dissembling will be more obvious to more people.