Tuesday 29 November 2016

The corruption and inversion of 'Small is Beautiful'

In my middle teens I was a tremendous enthusiast for the ideas of EF Schumacher and his book Small is Beautiful, the idea of Self Sufficiency as propounded by John Seymour, the ecological agenda; and I had also read the precursors of this nascent 'Green' movement with William Cobbett (1763-1835) with his Rural Rides and Cottage Economy; the work of Henry David Thoreau such as Walden and his Journals; and the utopian socialism of William Morris (A Dream of John Ball and News from Nowhere).

However, this stream is now polluted and almost all of the modern 'Greens' are (fanatically-) devoted to membership of the European Union (with a single massive and unopposed European Government, Law, Currency, Economic policy, Population and - now Military), multi-national institutions such as the United Nations and World Health Organisation; international laws - and in general massive, powerful and total bureaucracy.

This old strand of traditionalist, small scale, simple, local and rurally-oriented patriotic 'environmentalism' became utterly (and with barely a protest) dominated and subverted by the New Left with its unquestioning adherence to antiracism = unlimited mass immigration = social destruction and replacement; the marriage and family-busting agendas of feminism and the sexual revolution; and an environmentalism based upon the fake science and world-control fantasies of Carbon Dioxide-caused Anthropogenic Global Warming - aspiring to monitor and regulate every living thing on the planet.

After half a century; 'Green' Environmentalism is merely an Establishment tool, a spearhead of the billionaire 'Illuminati' of the evil global conspiracy.

The only uncorrupted heirs of Small is Beautiful are apparently the 'Distributists' - such as Joseph Pearce or the late Stratford Caldecott, or Albion Awakening's own John Fitzgerald - these being traditionalist Roman Catholics who derive their intellectual ancestry from Hillaire Belloc (e.g. The Servile State), and the dream of a truly Merrie England so vividly described and advocated by GK Chesterton.

As seems universal, only those whose beliefs are underpinned by traditionalist, patriarchal and family-oriented religion have proven both willing and able to avoid the self-deceptive lies and inversions of the modern secular-Left corporate-media-state complex.

Meanwhile most of the self-styled Green/ Environmentalists are (on the key issues) docile dupes and sinister-sell-outs; indistinguishable from the mainstream soft-totalitarians they claim to oppose but who they invariably end-up supporting.


Bardsey said...

I haven't commented on any of your writings yet, but I think I'd be remiss to let any more time go by without thanking you. I came upon your websites a few months back. Since then, your work has been both a great relief and inspiration to me. It helps me reclaim my bearings and return to the tumultuous seas of our time with an improved ability to navigate these treacherous waters.

Thank you.

William Wildblood said...

The fact that the greens became corrupted so incredibly quickly indicates to me that they were perceived as a genuine threat by the establishment, and I'm not referring to the political establishment here.

Nathaniel said...

It has been quite twisted into a specifically anti-religious tool. Religion is always the enemy because it denies the science, or is opposed to population control, or is a mere distraction to the "real problem" of saving the material world which requires global population control and reduction.

Nathaniel said...

Further, faith in "Global Warming" as the MSM portrays it again, like so many other progressive philosophies, paints the enemy as middle-class western (bulk of Christian) families. They are the ones who use too much energy, and it is their backwards faith that prevents progress.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Annie T - You are welcome - thanks for commenting.

@William - Probably true - there was a lot of idealistic, life changing energy there.

@Nathaniel - I remember back in the late 1980s when (according to James Lovelock) *methane* was the main culprit in the greenhouse effect (being a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2) - however methane was produced mainly in the rice paddy fields of e.g. India and from the flatulence of cattle on e.g. the grasslands of South America; so obviously the Leftists weren't going to believe *that*...

Matthew Haven Hoot said...

I am reminded of something I wrote on Nov. 13:

The well-being of our posterity is the only reason for truly wishing to preserve the earth. People who are OK with chopping up babies have proven they don’t give a damn about anything and their claim to want to “save the planet” is only a mask for their sadistic lusts.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MHH - I don't think that is a valid inference. The fact of one sin, or refraining from it, does not really affect another sin; esepcially when the two are only very indirectly (if at all) linked - since we are all sinners. And all societies have 'blind spots'. It is the lack of any repentance for any sin which is new and lethal.