Monday 18 September 2017

If communications are ineffective, how may Awakening be stimulated?

I have argued myself into the conviction that - here and now - normal methods of communication are ineffective when it comes to the most important matters. They are either ignored or misunderstood; or even used against that which they advocate.

Yet this is a communication - so what am I trying to achieve?

I am trying to make negative point that may lead to positive action.

My negative point is that (as you sometimes suspect) you live in a sea of mostly false and evil communications - which propagate fake facts and inculcate false concepts. And there is no sure way of discriminating between true and false communications - a matrix of lies makes the occasional nuggets of truth inaccessible and un-understandable; bad money drives-out good.

But there is a universally-available world of reality which you are equipped to access. I cannot describe this, nor tell you how to reach this, because 1. You are not even reading this (!); and 2. Anything you do hear me say, will be distorted unpredictably in the transmission...

But I can make the negative point that you dwell in falsehood when truth is available - If truth is actively sought.

Because there is a creator-God, because he loves us; there is always and everywhere a way of knowing the truths that you need to know.

But we are free agents, and can refuse the truth - and nearly-everybody does. 

And therefore (because of God being both creator and loving) - if you so choose - you will always be able to find and to know, that truth which is essential to your salvation and spiritual development.

(And if you don't seek and find and know - then this is ultimately because you, personally, have decided not-to seek/ find/ know; and to do something else instead...)


William Wildblood said...

I think the value of communication is precisely that it can help to awaken those who are still asleep but ready to wake up and just need some help. It can be like sun coming through the closed curtains. Or else, just as important, it can support those who are awake but who are so bombarded by all the propaganda of 'this world' that they doubt their intuitions and could go back to sleep if not aided.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - That's it - when people are seeking, struggling, peering - then they can meet a communication half-way, and establish genuine contact.