Thursday 28 December 2017

A Bad Bargain - Our Spiritual Destruction

The Western world is having the spiritual life sucked out of it. The rest of the world follows in the wake of the West. Our minds have been deconstructed and are in the process of being reassembled to reflect a false reality, but we are so deluded that we regard this as progress. We have rejected truth and eagerly embraced a soul-destroying (quite literally so) lie. We are becoming shadows of real human beings.

Sometimes it seems to me that the dark powers that were behind the Nazis were quite happy to lose the Second World War. If they had won that war there would have been resistance and, faced with an obvious totalitarian suppression, the human desire for freedom would have reasserted itself. A Nazi victory could not have been sustained. But the allied victory came at a great cost. Traditional values, long under attack, were swept away in the aftermath of war, and new ideas were quickly introduced which seemed to promise a bright new future. In some respects they did, but the baby was thrown away with the bath water and the new liberal world that appeared rejected spiritual truth, especially Christianity except in a spiritually sterilised form.

The liberal, or pseudo-liberal, totalitarianism we have today is not recognised as such by most people because we are told that it is good and healthy and progressive. It is none of these things. It is profoundly destructive because it denies both the individual (egalitarianism necessarily does this) and freedom,  real freedom being the ability to do willingly what is right. But if you make this point to anybody indoctrinated by the modernist lie you are instantly reminded of the imperfections of the past. That is irrelevant. The past was full of imperfections, obviously. We live in a fallen world and there will not be perfection until Christ returns. However, at least in the past the basic spiritual truths were not denied. They were understood imperfectly but they were understood. Now they are completely denied and false ideas are promoted that lead human beings not to the promised brighter future but to probable spiritual destruction. And we cannot see it because we are too wrapped up in our shallow, superficial, selfish existences.

The whole ethos of modernism is based on the exchange of the soul for the world. Most of us have eagerly made this exchange. What a bargain, we think. We get rid of oppressive old-fashioned ideologies and, in return, receive freedom. But freedom for what? There is no freedom in the modern world. There is only the illusion of it. We are all slaves to materialism which is a life-denying doctrine. Freedom lies only in truth, and truth is only in God. Deny God and there is no freedom. There is no truth and there is no love. Of course, there are the semblances of these things because the human being must believe that love, truth and freedom exist. They are the basis of life. But I repeat, if you deny God then you deny all these things because they only exist in him.

The world must awaken to the reality of its situation. It needs everyone who sees even a glimmer of the truth to proclaim it and not fear the consequences. Not fear ridicule or even hatred. The dark powers work by lies and denial. They will seek to undermine anyone or anything that stands in their way. We are in the middle of a war, one that is all the worse for not being recognised. The dark powers will call for unity and peace, and say that anyone who seeks to disrupt this is a bad person. But a unity and a peace based on the rejection of the true God is evil. A conquered nation can be unified and at peace, but what good is that? There is unity and peace in death. What good is that? Now is the time for all men and women who see the wrong turning that the world has taken over the last 50 or so years to point out the spiritual destruction that is being wrought.  To reject the soul-destroying atheism of our time and all the political doctrines that arise from that. We must turn back to God.


John Fitzgerald said...

A searing analysis and a rousing cri-de-coeur. Bracing, astute, perceptive and true.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks John, but actually it wrote itself. I just watched it come out!

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - We *should* be in a *war* but in fact it is all-but onesided, and hardly anybody is genuinely 'fighting' against the evil trends you describe.

The likes of us don't really have a side to be on - but are a collection of individuals.

My current feeling is that we can preserve the spiritual truth; but the culture, or perhaps any culture at all, is doomed; because it is overall hated, and overall people actively or passively are happy for it to be destroyed. The priorities are quite other.

It is very interesting to see that our society is attacking our culture on all fronts - even including what might have been expected to be 'sacred' - such as modern medicine.

I have been following this for about 30 years and there is a systematic and comprehensive strategy to destroy everything that makes modern medicine even possible; and the process of medical innovation has long since been strangled.

William Wildblood said...

Yes Bruce, I agree that it does seem a one-sided war from our perspective. In fact, it even seems as though the West is intent on committing suicide and eagerly participating in its own demise. But maybe behind the scenes there is more going on that we realise. Predictions of the end times do seem to indicate that there will be a near complete falling away from God but some kind of restoration is also envisaged. That may be spiritual rather than worldly though.You are probably right that the culture is doomed but I suppose that's not so important if some kind of spiritual truth is preserved.

There is also the example of The Lord of the Rings, and Tolkien's 'eucatastrophe' just when everything seems at its darkest and all appears to be lost. Tolkien may have been a prophet but even if he wasn't we can still follow the example of Frodo and Sam carrying on across the plains of Mordor and persevere because that is the right thing to do regardless of any success in the matter.

It is inexplicable to me why so many people just don't seem to notice the destruction of goodness and truth in our world and how they are so easily led astray by a false goodness and truth but that's how things are and we just have to stay faithful to the truth in our hearts wherever that leads. I think that your blog and the truths you expound on it probably do a lot more good than you might think.

Bruce Charlton said...

William - thanks for your cheering words.

I am also vastly encouraged in this whole business by my conviction that simply for us to formulate clearly to ourselves the truth, is what makes the difference to reality - because 'primary thinking' participates directly in the creation...

Whereas, our writing, speaking, images and music are - by contrast - 'merely' indirect and error-prone modes of communication (although nonetheless well worth doing!).