Tuesday 19 December 2017

2017... Normal Service resumed

2016, it can now be seen, was not an Awakening for Albion; because in 2017 the wound that the pro-Brexit vote inflicted on the Establishment has been healed; and 'normal service' has now resumed - it is business as usual in the corruption and damnation of England.

2016 now looks like a merely negative popular reaction against aspects of the unfolding-plan of the demonic elites - probably mainly directed against the plan for population re-placement and implementation of a chronic situation of (containable, but serious) racial, ethnic and religious civil war.

But the people of Albion remain metaphysically-unconscious and passively-rejecting of the spiritual and Christian; thus trapped by short-termist, hedonic materialism - and as such they cannot escape the existential doom that has been prepared for them.

I continue to be hope-full; but recognise that everything is still to-do.


Chiu ChunLing said...

What makes a bull fight is that the bull keeps turning and charging till almost the end.

But as long as it only charges the cape waved in front of it, but matador is still in control.

The bull has managed to wheel about and make a good pass when the matador had thought it spent. The matador has been surprised and discomfited, the crowd's cheering took a bit of a raucous or even mocking tone at the fumbling. But the bull still aims at the cape.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CCL - Well put.

Lost Pilgrim said...

I am not sure why but population replacement is a vital part of the demonic plan. But only in Christian countries especially white Christian countries of Europe and America.

I believe that part of the reason population replacement is so important is because it makes changing history trivially easy. Muslims from Pakistan have no interest whatsoever in the history that brought about England. It also coursens and further fragments a civilized nation. Britons know they are an occupied people about to be erased from history.

Americans are on the same path. America doesn't even have the unifying protections Great Britain does. The ridiculous sanctification of immigration over American society, laws and institutions has created its own myths and momentum.

For whatever reason the eu has made it a naked priority to change the demographics of all Europe.

Bruce Charlton said...

@LP - My understanding is that it is the aim to provoke fear and hatred - not to get any particular political result (i.e. the Left is oppositional, not utopian). Also, the foundation of Leftism is to be anti-Christian.